“Kaypoh” auntie films boy for cycling past bus stop without dismounting only to be yelled at and flamed online


A video of a boy yelling at an auntie has been trending online. According to the woman who shot the video, Facebook user Christine Phong Wai Cheng, the boy had tried to ride past a bus stop without mounting and yelled at her when she stopped him and held his hand to calm him down.

In the video, Christine tells the teen she is filming that she is talking to him nicely and appears to reach out to touch his arm. The boy, who seems to be looking something up on his mobile phone, first tells the woman to f!@# off and points his index finger at Christine.

When Christine insists that she is talking to him nicely, the boy responds, “nicely my ass lah” before he screams “then you touch me eh! Who ask you touch me?!”

Christine responds, “stop that,” prompting the boy to ask her, “stop what? You ask me stop what?” Christine then tells the boy, “You don’t try to fight me ok? You wait. I’m just trying to be patient to you.”

To this, the boy grows agitated and screams at her, “Patient?…You touch me eh!…You assaulted me eh! You never touch me ah? EXPLAIN! YOU EXPLAIN YOURSELF!”

Good morning Selamat pagi Zhoa En This student riding the bicycle is behind me and I am shock inside thr bus stopI advice him to come down is nice manner he shouted at me vulgar words Fuck you.And he want to runnaway still on the bicycle I stop him and I patience hold his hand but he attacked me more serious.He asked me I have no right to hold his hand but I did told him excuse me.There is several aunties and uncle is there.I have to called the police but he took my video on me .I told him is ok.

Posted by Christine Phong Wai Cheng on Friday, 20 April 2018

While Christine received some support from netizens who felt that the boy should not have screamed at her, others felt that Christine was the “kaypoh” one who should not have filmed the boy.

Christine first wrote on Facebook: “This student riding the bicycle is behind me and I am shock inside thr bus stop. I advice him to come down is nice manner he shouted at me vulgar words Fuck you.And he want to runnaway still on the bicycle I stop him and I patience hold his hand but he attacked me more serious.He asked me I have no right to hold his hand but I did told him excuse me.There is several aunties and uncle is there. I have to called the police but he took my video on me. I told him is ok.”

She later added in a comment: “This is not I find trouble his bike is behind my back I have to stop him is bus stop. They should come down to walk or go by the back.”

Christine later said that the boy also filmed her and that the boy’s mother knows that she filmed her son. She also mentions that she cried over this incident and that she has lost sleep over it.

This did not deter netizens who asked her:

James Jay: Can elderly be so kaypo? Keep filming people? Can you be without HP for a while? you ASK urself, why u keep meeting SO many people like that? WHY? is it you?
Christine Khor: If u are calming him down, there is not point taking video. Unless u are publicly shaming him. Aunty ah even dares to scold his mum which can clearly see what kind of person he is, no point talking sense to him. You should just suck it up and walk off but no leh, you continued taunting him which can be seen in the video
Polly Lim: Hello aunty, mind your own business la. Just let the boy pass only la. Sometimes your ppl also very selfish , don’t let those cyclists pass . Then want take video, want call police, want to call MP la. Most of the time is your this kind of ppl make the world up-side-down. Take 2 to claps ok aunty!!!
John Shepherd Lim: Dear Aunty.. need not escalate this. He’s just a child .. He’s handling the situation the best he know or don’t know how…
If you can.. do delete this video.. also.. you can not just grab anyone regardless.. it can be classified as assault. Anyway.. live and let live.. peace.
Lee Yue Zhuo: walao eh,people ride bike us stop him for what,smore grab him,me also i angry lah,he is not a nuisance for riding a bike,smore u grab him 1st considered assault,he can complain u to police,can tell alr he want to go,u die die want disturb and stop him,we are not one sided,is you are one sided,u only see from ur angle,never see from his angle
Sebastian Chong: Wait a minute. What did the boy do to deserve been stop by the aunty? Did he sped across the bus stop? Did he knock down someone? Is riding on the pavement illegal? If he does all the above, I think he deserves to be stop. But if he’s stopped just because of the recent spate of incidents that has been in the spotlight. I think it’s unfair to him. We don’t need another vigilante to be doing the wrong thing for the right cause. Of course he should have remain composed and react appropriately. But the aunty should have fair better too.
Gabriel Chia: Dear Auntie, I think it’s better not to take videos of people and post online to create social media buss. Things can be settled offline. Don’t need to tarnish people’s reputation by posting such things online. One day, what if someone does the same to you and you go viral for the wrong reasons, how would you feel? I think such private disputes need not been shown to the whole internet to see.

Christine appears to have been very active online, responding to almost all the comments before she posted this comment, explaining her situation:

Dear friends I cried my tears I am a divorcee 52 years not even a man touch my hands. I treasure myself and now my ex husband asked to stay in my house .My son employ a maid for him. I am never have been a boy scolded me this I feel very shame. I post this post is not I likes but no choice the boy video me first. Thank you to all my friends I understand your comment Is ok”

Not the first incident

Netizens also pointed out that this is not the first time that Christine has tried to film people and shame them on Facebook. Last year, Christine posted:

This man is riding bicycle coming near me.And I told him is not allowed inside bus stop. But he don't care and I have to…

Posted by Christine Phong Wai Cheng on Monday, 24 April 2017

She also tried to expose a Chinese worker who was resting just a few days ago:

Good afternoon when after work I going home I saw two legs And I went up and checked saw one woman lying on the floor is sleeping .With her uniform is PRC and I wake her up and told her leave

Posted by Christine Phong Wai Cheng on Thursday, 19 April 2018

Online vigilante in the making?

Some netizens expressed concerns that Christine may be a vigilante in the making with her frequent videos exposing people for doing things she doesn’t think is right. One netizen, Phyllis Tan, wrote: Christine no matter what the boy did, u r also at fault. Even if the boy is rude, u videoed him, u think he can be calm?? All the videos u took, u always wanna get attention. U think this attention will let u be right?? U wan the police to give u an award for having nonsense videos??”

To this, Christine responded: “I already have my Commander Award. I have been a Volunteer Crime Prevention for so many years ago. Thank you very much”


  1. This Aunty got no Husband , no Boyfriend so that why she so frus her CB cannot be satisfied so she go around and try to win people’s heart with her vigilante. People resting also she tell her to get up. WTF. Get a life or go find and a gigolo la. A lot of Frustrated women in Spore

  2. Spore is creating a new breed of zombies. The result of high stress , high cost enviroment where the people are constantly being screwed by the government. These people have no outlet. So they resort to this sort of weird zombi behaviour to try to bully others they think will not respond.

  3. Now hit a rock. Kena flame now. Isn’t worth it. That’s why we may be a former police officer, tee goo, nurse, narcotics officer, etc once without the uniforms keep our mouth shut. Want to get thing righted, get the relevant authorities to do it. Not worth to kena HAMTAM and pay for our hospital bills through our nose. Government will not say we have done a good job and so pay the bills. They say tkk-“tan kui ku.

  4. She talking nicely? My ass! Her tone is extremely aggressive. And filming without permission is infringement of privacy. And after that posting it on FB without consent is also infringement of privacy (photographers and videographers all obtain signed releases) and cyber bullying. Can somebody take her out and I mean seriously take her out and end her misery. Any lawyers out there? Lol.

  5. Both are in the wrong. The boy shouldn’t be so rude to the auntie. Auntie shouldn’t film the whole thing, and she doesn’t have a right to touch the boy. Maybe, that auntie didn’t know that this generation of kids are totally different from kids of 15 years ago. It seems that the auntie is very out of touch with today’s society

  6. Police should not encourage such busybody old lady to do such things by giving her an award! They should discourage her from being a nuisance herself and leave the authorities to handle the situation. LTA should do something since they allow people to ride bicycles all over the place and cause all the cluttering cause by all these rental bicycles!