Lifestyle Arts Katy Perry is going through depression

Katy Perry is going through depression

The 35-year-old pregnant singer shared on Twitter on May 12 that she is going through 'waves of depression' in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic




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Roar singer Katy Perry has spoken about her recent psychological health difficulties. The singer shared on Twitter on Tuesday that she is going through ‘waves of depression’ in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The 35-year-old wrote that she did not know which was worse, facing waves of depression with the new norm or avoiding the pandemic. Her tweet gained attention from fans who provided her with support and positive thoughts.

One fan assured Katy that she was well loved and they they were all in this together. Another one asked Katy to stay positive as everyone is there for her. One comment read that Katy’s songs kept people going and this was followed by a flower emoji. Someone reminded Katy that she was having a baby with Orlando Bloom. One person commented that Katy should remember that she had a little one coming that would light up her life soon.

The Fireworks singer has been up front about her mental health issues. In 2017 and 2018, she shared that she had a hard time getting out of bed. She also stated in the January edition of Vogue India,  that she had been able to beat it in the past but this time it has become a challenge. She said she had to go on a mental health journey. Katy then talked about the spiritual journey she had embarked on with Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry is going through waves of depression. Picture: Instagram

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According to her, the couple bring out the best in each other by pulling out the ‘poison’. She said that her fiance is like a sage and when they first met, Orlando had said that they will pull the poison out of each other. Katy said that she has never met anyone who was willing to go on an emotional and spiritual journey like the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Katy then said that it is challenging because it is facing all the things you do not like about yourself and it is a never-ending cleanse. Besides singing, Katy is also a judge on American Idol and she has some new music in the making. She has been lifting spirits throughout the pandemic. Her new single Daisies will soon be released on 15 May and it has been reported she may collaborate with former arch rival Taylor Swift.

Katy shared a funny clip from her ultrasound scan where her baby appeared to be showing her the finger. She wrote in the caption that when her unborn baby gives her the finger from the womb she knew she’s in for it and she hash-tagged a happy mother’s day to herself.


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