Lifestyle Arts Kanye West had "ridiculous rules", says former bodyguard

Kanye West had “ridiculous rules”, says former bodyguard

West and his wife Kim Kardashian believed to have tipped-off paparazzi on their whereabouts




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Kanye West’s former bodyguard Steve Stanulis has revealed that he had to abide by ridiculous rules when he was working for the singer, according to on Thursday (May 14).

The bodyguard shared during the Hollywood Raw podcast (via Just Jared) that West wanted his bodyguard to walk 10 paces behind him.

Stanulis, a former New York police officer, pointed out that, if anyone wanted to go up to West and do something, it would be too late for him to do anything.

Stanulis said that the singer was one of his least favourite persons to work with. West was once angry at the bodyguard in a lift. Stanulis recalled the first time they met was during fashion week and they were supposed to see each other at the studio. When West got there, the two of them got into the lift and West asked if Stanulis was going to press the button for the floor they were headed.

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Rapper Kanye West with his wife Kim Kardashian. Picture: Instagram

The bodyguard responded that he did not know the floor as it was his first day. West then started getting mad. He asked Stanulis why he did not call ahead to find out where they were supposed to go.

Stanulis then told West that he could tell him which button to press and he would know, or West could press the button and he would know. Otherwise, the third option would be for them to be there all day. Eventually, West told him which button to press.

Stanulis also shared his belief that West and his wife Kim Kardashian called the paparazzi themselves. It may seem unbelievable but, according to the bodyguard, the paparazzi knew about it every time the celebrity couple were leaving some place or other.

The bodyguard said someone was alerting the paparazzi. It may be coincidental but he thought that the paparazzi were called by both Kardashian and West.

It is not clear when Stanulis was hired but he was sacked in 2016. /TISG


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