Job security in SMEs

The way we see it, The Independent Singapore News

The way we see it, The Independent Singapore News

One reason young job-seekers cite for preferring to work in the civil service and multi-national corporations (MNCs) rather than small and medium-sizes enterprises (SMEs) is that there is “no future” in the latter. Unfortunately, the Association for SMEs has overlooked one major plus smaller companies have over the big boys: the opportunity to understand how business, businessmen and the market and customers function.

SMEs are great stepping stones to higher goals, including one’s own business in a few years – one can learn so much more multi-tasking in an SME than sitting behind a desk in a bureaucratic environment.

What small and medium employers can do on their part is to try and ensure everyone gets along – as friends, not family. More often than not, we can’t stand our relatives, right, but would make more of an effort with friends.