Business & Economy Jamus Lim elected into the Economic Society of Singapore's Council, netizens applaud...

Jamus Lim elected into the Economic Society of Singapore’s Council, netizens applaud the move

Redditors said that Mr Lim's appointment was a good sign for the opposition in Singapore




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Following the news of Workers’ Party (WP) member Jamus Lim being elected into the Economic Society of Singapore’s (ESS) council, netizens have taken it as a good sign for the opposition candidate who was a “fan favourite” in the nation’s recent 2020 General Elections.

According to a recent report by, the Workers’ Party Member of Parliament, who is also an associate professor at Essec Business School, has recently been elected to the Economic Society of Singapore’s council. The society announced the newly-elected members on Thursday (July 23).

Joining Mr Lim the other newly added society members are: Team leader at Credit Suisse, Kent Choi; business school dean at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Professor Christina Soh; National University of Singapore’s economics department head, Professor Satoru Takahashi; associate professor at Singapore Management University (SMU), Tan Swee Liang; Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)’S managing director and international banking head, Franky Tanudjojo; and CIMB Private Banking economist, Song Seng Wun.

The ESS is a non-profit organisation that aims to gather economists and professionals in order for them to discuss economic matters relevant to Singapore and its region. Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, and former prime minister Goh Chok Tong are also honorary members of the ESS.

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Redditors took the news of Mr Lim’s being elected into the society as a good sign–especially for the opposition in Singapore. As one Redditor put it, “It is good that someone from (the) opposition is part of this society. Although it might not mean much, it shows that oppositions (sic) do have capable people in their rank. (They are) not just clowns that some people portray them to be.”

While one netizen congratulated Mr Lim, another made reference to a phrase made famous by the WP member, saying that the news “warms the cockles of my heart.”

New MP Jamus Lim elected to Economic Society of Singapore’s council from singapore

Screengrab from Reddit

Screengrab from Reddit

Screengrab from Reddit

Screengrab from Reddit

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