It’s official: AGC is going after Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson


The Attorney-General’s Chambers has filed an application in the High Court for leave to commence committal proceedings against Li Shengwu for “contempt of court in connection with the publication of a Facebook post” today.

Shengwu attracted the attention of the AGC on 15 July after posting a private “friends-only” Facebook post, criticising Singapore’s government and judiciary. Linking a Wall Street Journal article that offered a thorough analysis of the public Oxley Rd feud, Shengwu had said in his own words: “Keep in mind, of course that the Singapore government is very litigious and has a pliant court system. This constrains what the international media can usually report.”

The AGC said in a statement today that it had issued a warning letter to Shengwu on 21 July, asking him to “purge the contempt” by doing the following by 5pm on 28 July 2017:

(a) delete and remove the Post from his Facebook page and any other social/online media and other documents in his possession, custody or control; and
(b) issue and post prominently a written apology and undertaking in the terms stated in the AGC’s letter on his Facebook page.

Shengwu subsequently wrote to the AGC requesting an extension to respond by 5pm on 4 August 2017 so that he could seek counsel. The AGC agreed and has said that it is pursuing legal action against the late Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson as he “has failed to purge the contempt and to apologise by the extended deadline.”

The AGC also released its correspondence with Shengwu online. TISG republishes all of the documents the AGC released today in full:

AGC’s latest statement

AGC’s original letter of warning to Li Shengwu

The apology letter the AGC wanted Li Shengwu to sign

Li Shengwu requests an extension to respond

The AGC responds to the request for an extension


  1. He didn’t commit any crime. Instead It’s a crime sneaking into someone else’s private space. he never publicise it, it’s the govt that publicise it. They should go sue themselves.

  2. That’s why go Public Toilets also must pay. Next come the CCTVs and all must follow the rules, how we must shit, urinate, wash our hands, etc.

  3. He didn’t share his comments to the public so by logic he nv commit any crime. Any media want to share his comments must ask permission from him lei ! The AGC should order any media that post his comments to remove it not him.

  4. Aiyah …..nothing surprising …..all who dare speak against clown prince and gang ….kena left , kena right , kena upper cut , and kena slam !!! Nothing new de !!
    LSW’s father and mother has better come back , pay obeisance to Big Brother and wife , must do it with offering of tea with a contrite spirit !!!!! Then beg the ruthless clown prince and empress dowager for forgiveness….then perhaps got chance of a reprieve to the persecution coming forth to them!!!
    Wonder why out of the blue the dog found courage to go after lky’s grandson ?? Thought it was declared that brother cannot touch family members one wat?
    LKY has better come back from hade and get his dishonourable son to stop his evil doings lest the family line be cursed for 3 generation to come ……..

  5. Sensational Shiok !.Hope they spill all the ugly dirty beans all over again.Let’s get ready to watch the next intriguing n exciting Lee & Lee episode with much glee.Without further adieu..hang on tight n standby those popcorns, kuechi and teh tarek too !

    • @ Romario Sheikh: This is understandably exciting and controversial. However, let’s consider the arguments from both sides in the court. It is good that this matter be taken head on. The court must not only be independent and impartial. They must also be PERCEIVED to be so. And, it is clearly NOT perceived as independent when it deals with matters involving the government. My point: Let’s hope that indeed this matter goes to trial. International journalists’ presence at the trial will bring alternative perspectives which can only enhance our justice system. I salute Mr Li Sheng Wu. He is NOT arrogant. He actually said what many Singaporeans are thinking but may be fearful of saying.

  6. Doesn’t the AGC have bigger and more important matters to do rather than get involved in a family quarrel? Shouldn’t they investigate and punish the one who has pried into LSW’s private posting instead?

    • @ Alex Yap: If there was communication about a terror attack or a serious crime it is then of utmost importance to act. This action will SURELY be a bad look on the government. They will LOSE even more credibility. Still, let’s see how the whole thing will play out in open court.

    • U mean ownself investigate ownself?
      Remember LHY say his whole family is being monitored by u know who’s dog?
      So who do you think pried into LSW’s private posting?

    • @Alex Yap
      I learn from netizens that his cousin, Hong Yi is the current director of communication? Do you know that the historical Jesus of Nazareth was betrayed by one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot ?
      History always repeat as this would is a testing ground to assess whether we will receive Crown of eternal life

  7. ….its like flashing, but in private and the uncle does not like what he sees and decide to make it public…and we have him as the PM….habis la Singapore…

  8. Mr Li Sheng Wu has spoken the truth. The judiciary is NOT independent. They are implicitly or explicitly beholden to the government. Law Minister Shanmugam himself said that he can comment on cases before the courts. So where is the independence of the judges??? The court of Singapore is now on trial. Don’t know how this will be brought to a closure. However, the international press should see this case as one of great interest and send their journalists to Singapore to cover the trial. Needless to say I’d side with Mr Li Sheng Wu. There are many issues that will be brought up once this case goes to open court. P.S. The bigger issue of Abuse of Power by the dishonoruable son, PM LHL, must also be addressed. It is ridiculous! He used The Parliament which is clearly wrong to debate his family dispute over 38 Oxley Road. And, declared himself INNOCENT of the charge of abuse of power. Uniquely Singapore indeed! This is Year 2017 and NOT 1959!

  9. All make sense now, first replace AG with personal lawyer and then plant another pap loyalist who suppose has resigned to take care sick wife. Now all the chess piece are in place. It is time to go after nephew since dun dare to sue siblings as they are strong opponent in court. So go for the nephew. What type of beast is he ? Let’s hope this parent dun come but rather invite him and his wife to join them instead. Younger Lee, time to protect your son against the white machinery.

  10. Li said then, “The Singapore government is very litigious and has a pliant court system. This constrains what the international media can usually report.” Unquote. Li’s statement is a clear as daylight – he implies Singapore has kangaroo court. Anyone with basic understanding of English cannot mistook what it meant. Now he behaves like a snake tries to slither out when he faces a lawsuit.
    1. He defended his action by saying that he pasted his comments only among friends. If this defence is acceptable, what stop every Tom, Dick and Harry from doing it and get someone leak out. In this way, no one can sue anyone when their reputation is harmed.
    2. If he is really does not meant what he stated, he should have apologised when given an opportunity by the AG, he did not. This showed he meant every word in the FB.
    3. He should know that his grandfather, Lee Kuan Yew fought tooth and nail when others trampled on Singapore’s Judiciary system. Is he trying to dismember it?
    4. As grandson of Lee Kuan Yew, we would have expected a better performance from him but he did not. He did not apologise if he accepted what he said is a mistake; he did not fight this case if he thinks he is right to “expose” that the Singapore court system is pliant and can prove that judges wait for the executives to give them instructions. No, he did none of the above but turn his tail between his legs when face with a lawsuit! Mr Lee Kuan Yew will never done that as we know from all his actions in the past!
    5. 做个男子汉大丈夫,敢作敢當, 才是英雄好漢. 不要像一只缩头乌龟, 丢您的爷爷的脸

  11. In North Korea…the citizens cannot express a facial expression of disdain against the regime, let alone utter a word of contempt IN PRIVATE….

  12. This govt is atrocious! Spending time waste public resources to sue people instead of protecting Singaporean’s rice bowl has been snatched away by foreigners, and also should focusing more on local elderlies daily needs so they don’t have to work as cleaner in food courts, shopping mall toilets, collecting cardboards along roadside.
    Bloody bunch of useless creatures I guarantee you will never get my vote!

  13. Singapore always strive to become no. 1 in the world, so we have Changi Airport with no. 1 in the world!
    Korean drama is now no. 1 in the world, but Singporeans drama is catching up as I strongly believe that it is going to replace Korean drama and become no. 1 in the world, especially the drama is from the elites!
    Let us watch and pray as God is neither dead nor deaf !!!
    The prophecy in Haggai 2:22 is going to be fulfilled

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