It’s a fake! No Trump-Kim kissing mural at Tiong Bahru

Photo: YouTube screengrab, Trump and Kim Impersonators

A photograph of a mural that depicted a romantic kiss between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, supposedly seen at Tiong Bahru market, has been proven to be a fake.

The doctored photo appeared on several Facebook pages such as Shout Singapore, Complaint Singapore and Rilek1corner, and was shared many times. 

On the Rilek1corner post, the caption for the photo of the alleged mural read, “Orang cakap cinta itu buta,” which translates to “People say love is blind.” 

The post said that the photo had originated from WhatsApp. 

The mural shows Messrs. Trump and Kim locked in a kiss under a drawing of a merlion. A passerby is seen staring at the mural, scratching her head in perplexity.

In actuality, there is a mural of a female goat on the wall in that corner. This mural is from a series from Ernest Goh, an artist who painted Papa Goat, Mama Goat and Baby Goat murals in 2014, which was the Year of the Goat on the Chinese calendar.

Here is the doctored image, seen on Shout Singapore’s page:

And here is an actual photo of the wall with the Mama Goat.

Photo: YouTube screengrab