It is inarguable that LKY wanted his house to be demolished


By: Raist Arithon

There have been recent PAP efforts to cast doubt on what was LKY’s true intention regarding his house at 38 Oxley Road. They have also tried to dispute whether LKY truly knew what he was signing when he signed his Final Will on 17 Dec 2013.

I strongly believe that these efforts are both desperate and disingenuous. (I fully recognise that LKY’s wishes are, strictly speaking, unrelated to whether the Government has a right to preserve the house. However, the fact is that convincing Singaporeans that LKY may have been open to his house being demolished is key, for political reasons. They can’t be seen to be so explicitly going against LKY’s wishes after all).

I am moved to write this note partly because I have intelligent and well-educated friends who are being hoodwinked. There is no doubt in my mind (and I say this with the utmost objectivity) that LKY definitely wanted his house to be demolished. We can have a discussion on whether his house should be preserved (for various reasons such as heritage etc) notwithstanding his wishes, but what his wishes actually were is inarguable.

1. The Final Will was executed on 17 Dec 2013. This is a full 21 months before LKY passed away. There was no suggestion that he did not have full command of his faculties at the time. LKY was also serving as an MP at the time.

2. LHL and others have brought up the fact that it took “just 15 minutes” for the entire signing of the will and that therefore LKY may not have been properly advised. The will is a mere 4 pages long, and was something LKY was familiar with. LKY’s assistant was present throughout the signing, according to the meeting notes of the lawyers/witnesses.

LKY's Final Will

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Friday, 16 June 2017

3. As LHY also pointed out, I find it bordering on the ridiculous to suggest that LKY (!!!), a cambridge-trained lawyer, had to be advised on the contents of his will, which he signed on every page and also initialed right below the demolition clause.

Lee Hsien Loong is now getting his ministers to repeat his insinuations that Lee Kuan Yew did not understand his own…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Saturday, 24 June 2017

4. LHY quoted an email dated 16 Dec 2013 from LKY stating “OK. Do not wait for Kim Li. Engross and I will sign it before a solicitor in Fern’s office, or from any other office”. This is one day before he actually signed the Final Will. It appears to me that LKY knew exactly what he was doing. It would also not be a leap to assume that he was replying to an email containing the final draft of the will since he uses the word “engross”, which lawyers often use when okaying a draft.

In response to media queries on the will:

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Friday, 16 June 2017

5. When the final draft had been executed, it was given to Kwa Kim Li for safekeeping. Kwa is a very senior lawyer and managing partner of Lee & Lee. It would not a be a stretch to assume that she would have at the very least glanced through the Final Will and perhaps confirmed verbally with LKY that he really knew what he was doing, especially if she had any suspicion that LKY was not in full command of his faculties.

Now let’s also look at the surrounding circumstances:

a. LKY himself said publicly several times that he wanted the house to be demolished upon his death.

b. LHL himself acknowledged in a private email dated 12 April 2015 timed at 7.02 pm (this would have been after the Final Will had been read to the family on the same day) that LKY’s position “has been consistent throughout. Even his note to [Cabinet] did not say that he wanted it preserved, only what has to be done if it is not to be demolished”.

Now the PAP itself has decided to opine on the matter of our father's true wishes for 38 Oxley by taking a note of his…

Posted by Lee Wei Ling on Friday, 23 June 2017

c. LHL also acknowledge publicly on 13 April 2015 that “Mr Lee’s position on 38 Oxley Road was unwavering over the years, and fully consistent with his lifelong values”.

Both (b) and (c) took place way after the Final Will had been signed and also after the Final Will was read to the family on 12 April 2015. If he truly had suspicions, why did LHL not suggest at the time that LKY did not want the house to be demolished?

Why is the PAP now trying so hard to convince Singaporeans that LKY might not have really wanted his house demolished? The only reason I can think of is that they need popular support to demolish the house without losing too much political capital. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Yah, it’s a certain and immutable fact tat LKY wanted demolishment, but it’s the establishment wish to preserve it. Whether they respect a dead man’s wish is not wat they care.

  2. The house is to be demolished is the not issue.
    The committee can over right the ” will “is a big big legal issue.
    LHY is treated like that Yang (China tourist escort) who cheated the old lady her property n money.
    See a bigger picture…
    It implied lky been cheated by his son n daughter in law

  3. 7th will made on 2013
    Lky pass away on 2015
    Total 7 wills made within 2yrs between 2011-2013…if lky want his house retain he could draft 8th will or more wills right?b4 he pass away he still have 2 yrs to make any changes but he didn’t so I think his 7th will was his last/final will/ isn’t it very obvious LKY wanted his house to be demolish!!

  4. They are not being hoodwinked. The truth is plain to see. It is just that you cannot wake up somebody who is pretending to be asleep.

  5. In the 8th will, supplementary to 7th will, kept secret till recently.

    “In case any party may be in doubt of my will to demolish the house, the Estate shall pay in full for passage to meet me in person to clear their doubt.”

  6. Why LHY must make LKY sign his will? He afraid his older brother LHL take over his father property? Surely yes he’s afraid he don’t have the property n $.

  7. Well, it have come this time my foresight of what going to happen to the island of Singapore is pretty true in deeds and I’ve kept on saying that for the last few years under a different identity and it also the FACT and REALITY that Singaporean think i’m a trouble-maker….

    BUT I’m NOT I’m just saying that when a Party like the PAP who have rules for so many years and let me tell you all die-heart Singaporean of your principle of your damn LIFE….”They (PAP) are the only one that can manage our country….WELL…”WRONG” the longer a person into ruling the country they become very easily “Legal Corrupted & Corruption will SEAT in when one rule the country long enoght” to lace a person/leaders into “Taking advantage of the TRUST” GREED…they (PAP) draft out POLICIES that says , “We Reserve the RIGHT to ROB you LEGALLY with their Housing Policies & Minimum Sums of Money in CPF” you IDIOTS Singaporean never LEARNED the word well enough and NOT just the Damn Older Generation of Singaporean who got their “Pioneer Card” Stupidly never learnt but even the “Educated and Well Travelled” one who just busy with what they wanted and you guys ALL are SELFISH Bunch of Singaporean.

    and they (Foreign Telent & New Citizen) are just draining out the damn moneies & Reserve out of our Fore-Father SWEAT and without even going to WAR and a “BULLET” fired from the Rifles in just seconds we are back to 3rd WORLD and “Thank you Singaporean both Old & Younger generation.

    PURE…STUPIDITY……Now Lee Hsien Yang understand how we felt being CONTROLLER by the PAP like…..

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