Islamist held state in Malaysia approves public caning – Video inside

Video grab of Indonesia student caning - soon a regular scene in Kelantan?

In a move to garner support, the Party Islam SeMalaysia or PAS managed to get the Kelantan StateLegislative Assembly to pass an amended Syariah Bill which would provide for public caning.

The Bill was part of the preparations to implement the controversial Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (popularly known as RUU355) if it is passed in Parliament.

The amendments now allows for the streamlining of penalties such as whipping, fines and others.

Kelantan joins Aceh in Indonesia, where public caning is carried out. The video below is an demonstration of a public caning in Aceh.

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The PAS said the amendments were made in line with Islamic laws that required caning to be held in public to serve as a deterrent.

But it is for the courts to decide if the caning is to take place inside prison or outside in a public space.

Yet, the Kelantan Mufti Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad said that caning in Islam was not meant to cause bodily injuries but were to serve as a lesson to discourage from repeated offences.


  1. More and more human rights organizations are associated with a political agenda to bring about political leader change. Most of the time cannot trust these organizations not to act as proxies for some hegemony trying to control the world. When people die in these countries due to political upheavals, we don’t see these organizations making noise. Maybe these organizations should also have a taste of the flopping.

  2. Aceh province is already practising Shariah Law. If the whole of Indonesia and Malaysia go Shariah, Singapore will be in a bad place.

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