Home News HI-SIS claims responsibility for the haze?

HI-SIS claims responsibility for the haze?




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By: Ben Matchap

HI-SIS spokesperson Mr Areare broadcasted on Myspace through the use of Snapchat to claim responsibility for the haze. In the 5 Snapchat videos released by Mr Areare he said “Singapore you may have stopped our rockets but lets see you try to stop our haze”.

Ministry of Household Affairs has commented saying, “it seems that HI-SIS has changed tactics and instead of shock and awe attacks, they are now in it for the long game and plan to minorly inconvenience Singaporeans every year to slowly wear down our mental resilience.”

A Singaporean Snapchat user responded saying “You cannot claim credit, the wind brought the haze here not you guys.”

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We have asked the Wind if it might have joined HI-SIS but it dodged our questions and merely responded with whooshing noises and the rustling of leaves. We may never know if the Wind has indeed joined HI-SIS but we should all remain vigilant and not take fresh air for granted, ever again.

This is a satirical piece.

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