“Is this respecting Mr Lee Kuan Yew?” – Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat slams Li Shengwu


Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Health, Chee Hong Tat slammed Li Shengwu in an interview to a Chinese daily today, alleging that Shengwu is disrespecting his grandfather and his values by continuing to “launch online attacks.”

Asserting that he is “disappointed” with Shengwu’s actions, he said:

“Is this respecting Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his values? I don’t understand why he continues to launch online attacks, after his father already said he was going to stop doing so.”

The Minister’s comments are in response to a post Shengwu shared on his personal Facebook page over the weekend.

In the post shared only to his Facebook friends, Shengwu linked a Wall Street Journal article that offered a thorough analysis of the public Oxley Rd feud and a New York Times article on censorship, and said: “Keep in mind, of course that the Singapore government is very litigious and has a pliant court system. This constrains what the international media can usually report.”

Somehow, the post was screen-captured and circulated online. Mainstream media covered the story, with a comment from an AGC spokesperson that, “AGC is aware of the post and is looking into the matter.”

Shengwu and his aunt, Dr Lee Wei Ling, have questioned the AGC’s strong reaction to a private post and have suggested that organs of state are continuing to watch them, even after a truce was declared between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his siblings following the public Oxley Road saga.

Minister Chee’s response, interestingly, seems to suggest that the ceasefire has been breached since he said that Shengwu “continues” to “attack” after his father says they would stop.

Aside from the fact that Shengwu was not involved in the truce that only concerned PM Lee, Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang, it is curious that both the AGC and a Senior Minister of State would react in such a manner and imply that the ceasefire has been broken simply because of a link to a story most Singaporeans now know like the back of their hand.


  1. Mr Chee Hong Tat, is going against the wishes of Lee Kuan Yew, respecting and honouring him. Is questioning Lee Kuan Yew ability to make a legally binding will, honouring him. Is turning his house into a cult temple, honouring him ?

  2. I didnt know respecting LKY is by twisting his VERY PUBLIC wish to demolish his home into something else via a VERY PUBLIC attack on his beloved daughter.
    Anyone wanna guess why the DISHONORABLE SON was NOT named executor of his will?
    Perhaps the old man saw what happened to the country after he indirectly passed the rein…. he felt he cant trust the fella any more.

    • One conclusion that we can draw on PM Lee exclusion as an executor is that his own father don’t trust him just like his own sister and brother.

    • MM Lee was so proud of MRT then when he had Mdm Kwa opened the station with him; after seeing how Temasek’s HC put a Saw Phaik Hwa & then had Halimah Yaccob as then-SMRT-director…. resulting in INADEQUATE MAINTENANCE…. i bet MM Lee must be so disappointed one of his finest accomplishment became a laughing stk.
      Not to forget the DISHONORABLE SON objected to his advice on:
      1. SG optimum population isnt 6.9m, &
      2. (Not) invest in Malaysia.

    • Perhaps PM Lee is trying to grow out of his father’s huge shadow by slowly but persistently trimming down his father’s shadow. Now that International press reported that he is very popular with Singaporeans, perhaps he may even want to outdo the father. One way is to erase and change the father’s record like casting doubts on his will.

    • LHL is a nobody in the international arena. The local MSM sings praises of him for obvious reasons. He tried too hard to punch above his height but just made a fool of himself and SG. the fact that he was not made an executor of LKY’s estate speaks very loudly. It simply boils down to the lack of trust in him by daddy. He has destroyed the country in many ways besides the economy. The country is split and with many of his own supporters changing camps. Only way out for him is for him to resign and HC to get out of Temasek.

    • The old man fought his way to power by allying with GKS & other talents, then later eliminating Barisan Socialis; his son leh? A supposed ARTILLERY OFFICER who turned out SCARED OF FIRE-CRACKERS!!!!
      If Napoleon Bonaparte is with MM Lee now, dun u guys wonder if Napoleon will rib LKY with “hey, I was an artillery officer who became ruler but I wasnt scared of cannonfire… how come ur son (artillery officer) so KU-NIANG?
      Where did he graduate fr!?”

    • Guo Xiongwei you have a point. I was an Arty NCO and during test firing, I stood on the mortar base plate and gave instructions to fire. Forgot to lower the muffler and the ringing in my ears was loud. Arty people are “Men of Steel”.. Shocked that someone trained is afraid of firecrackers. Lol

  3. Whenever they try to score a point they bring out the name of Lee Kuan Yew. From a rally cry at Fullerton to that House at Oxley and now in an attempt to discredit Li Shengwu they have to rely on the faded glory of a dead man.

    • They need the glory of a DEAD man becoz their current leadership is TOTALLY INCOMPETENT; look @ their supposed Prez candidate Halimah Yaccob…. wasnt she ex-SMRT director under Saw Phaik Hwa when that co screwed up bigtime with INADEQUATE MAINTENANCE?
      What did Halimah Yaccob do for those director salaries then…. eat kueh count $$$$ & be a blur sotong?

    • yah…he’s better off not opening his mouth and doing more meaningful stuff…like finding out why the MRT is still breaking down frequently.

  4. If you want promotion you know whose side you should stand behind.
    That’s politic sophistry. Lol… Someone said that before.
    Is like imagine you will get promotion by giving up your principle.

  5. Y he nv slam transport minister for the mrt breakdown ? His residents most of them take mrt to work, school n go home n y he nv care n concern lei ? Vote for him for what ? Really waste taxpayers money only know how to lick balls to make his master happy others problems all keep quiet.

  6. LHL wants his son to take over from him.
    So he is trying to sabotage any chance of his nephew going into politics and theatening his son.
    It’s very clear to see what’s happening.

  7. Lmao… those dogs are insinuating that LKY is senile when he signed his will and by denying him his dying wish is that not disrespecting him?

    Love him or hate him, agree with his method or not, a man’s last wish have to be respected.

  8. Let the Lee family settle their prob laa… why so kepo.
    We got transport problem esp mrt which have been years.
    I rather we debate that in parliament.

  9. Sounds like someone is coming up with an excuse to start the war again and attack LHY son..

    What a bunch of despicable cowards we have leading our country..

    How low do they have to go before enough people wake up?

  10. This ass chee hong dun know the meaning of RIP isit ? Let LKY rest n he is already history . Have a mind to take over PM seat si boh . Fucking useless por lan par

  11. Now looks who is talking cock. When one have been parachuted into a position how can one teach another about LKY’s values? Nepotism is real and it is happening right under our nose. One should not tell us what is right when one is a party to nepotism. One have to be ashamed as to be whipped and commanded. Don’t one have a sense of conviction? Whipping boy making noise. Wooof! woof! Li Shengwu have done his grandfather proud standing up for what is right. Whatever Li Shengwu did it has nothing to do with the promised of his dad.

  12. Oh wait! Is there a new member added to the family? Open mouth means become family member. Maybe can’t really blame him since all he might just know is the diluted form of the LKY value. But then again I ain’t no Lee so I won’t claim to know better. Hahahahaha

  13. Gentlemen, After 50 years under one party the system is corroding. Time to cleanse the entire system including PA, Temasek, GIC, GLCs, the court, civil service and grassroots thoroughly We need to investigate, correct and punish any wrongdoings. After 50 years it is time to cleanse our system and update the latest software

  14. Like that also want to find fault with LKY’s grandson LSW ? So it seems LKY’s grandson LSW has no rights whatsoever to speak out on any interesting issue? How petty can our PAP Ministers be ? What is wrong with linking his facebook to an article which are based on facts ? Obviously our PAP Ministers still haven’t learn’t their lesson not to be so arrogant with their authorities. So was our PM really being honest with us when he said our society needs to be open and transparent ?

  15. This simply means that the two days’ wayang of ownself-clear-ownself had been a total waste of time besides making a mockery of the pinkie house. This will linger on and on and these highly public paid minionsters would continue to spend time, energy and resources on the unfinished and inconclusive closure on those “vague” accusations………

  16. What are you trying to do Li Shengwu ????

    The adults hv already agreed to settle the issues behind closed doors !
    In my previous comments on FB, I advised you politely that “children should be seen and not heard”.

    Surely you Shengwu, being well educated can understand this quote, am I correct Shengwu ?

    Can you just shut up and not provoke the situation ?
    Your grandpa, Mr Lee Kuan Yew would have given you a loud scolding were he still alive.

  17. All the ministers are very busy monitoring at gossip on FB. Neglecting national issues. Smrt breakdown. Failing HDB Lifts. Foreigners prostitutions working in HDB. Local PMET losing jobs to cheap foreign labours. High cost of living. Presidential election issues. And many many many more national issues. Of cos they are paid millions from OUR TAX PUBLIC MONEY to look after their own interest. How stupid majority is. Lol. World stupidest people all here.

  18. As far as I can see.. This is going to be one battle that no one wins…. Everyone will be a looser as Singapore is going to be a laughing stock in international news…. What’s next? PAP addressing the people during NDP about the family dispute? What is the meaning of our National Flag? I think we need to change our flag to all black with a black hole replacing the moon.

    The Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Rules define the flag’s composition and the symbolism of its elements: red symbolises “universal brotherhood and equality of man”, and white, “pervading and everlasting purity and virtue”. The waxing crescent moon “represents a young nation on the ascendant”.

    • Hai… i really wonder what will it be like for us and our next generation for the years down the road… We might not live to see it, just hope our next generation are tough nuts like us during LKY’s era and not being manipulated like a puppet..

  19. Wah Lao eh. .never end one ha. .
    Respect our founding father and respect our Prime Minister la

    *Hope PM read this and give me condo sia
    .. no meh? Waste my time typing

    • more like founding devil.i respect Sir Stamford Raffles more.without him got old shit meh…he is just lucky, who knows there may be a much better,kind hearted founding father than that shit…

  20. After 50years of enjoying the peacefulness, now then compliant!

    Er…er…. why not 50 years ago change it ?
    Is always easy to use the word ” change “!
    But who change ? Or change by who?
    I always believe 70% are not morons, can a child score 70% in sch …. and we said he is stupid ? Social media…… no wonder we made him billionaire .

  21. PAP Internet Brigade (IB) started with “Mr Lee Kuan Yew never tolerated anyone who ‘even hinted’ of attacking the judiciary” immediately follow up by greenhorn Minister Chee Hong Tat “Is this respecting Mr Lee Kuan Yew?” What next is this junior wayang?

  22. So many important problems to take care and “these esr, sm, m…….seem not to know their jobs and what they are paid for. Like “grand aunties” sitting together having tea or coffee chatting.

  23. The grandson should keep out if the affairs of the older generation, don’t you think? Is he trying to make himself famous or rather, infamous?

  24. Who is looking into the unauthorised entry and theft of chattels under the sole direction and supervision of the executors of the LKY estate?

    Is this respecting LKY?
    Why isn’t the AGC looking into that?

    Hard Truths
    Author: LKY

  25. All these whitescumbags know they are untouchables coz they r under the protection of 69.9 morons mandate and oso becoz they are multu-millionaires n 1 suit will send u flying.

  26. Another one of the many sycophants trying to score political points with big brother by spewing asinine senseless comments. What has Li’ remarks have to do with showing disrespect for LKY? Fact is the whole world knows how litigious the govt is. What a low life!

  27. ♻Li Sheng Wu, age 32, a young doctor of economics, major in politics and philosophy, won many international debates!
    Our local talent, Shengwu should come back to debate with the ministers in the cabinet
    Shengwu shared his personal views with his 20 friends only, why is our government spying on him so closely ???

  28. People cannot express his feeling on singapore court system?No good cannot saying?The top one dont knew to be the head so the bottom one ugly doing!!!几个野蛮的人当上政府机构的领导!!!这就是上层的不会当头,下层的就不像样!!!!

  29. Hi…to go up the the rank if not carry his Boss. What kind of senior minister who use his position to bully a defenseless citizen of Singapore. This is an insult to all Singaporean when he disrespect LKY and any how use his honorable name in vain..

  30. This young “punk” nephew is utterly rude to his uncle PM LHL..
    Is he & his parents sore that they can no longer enjoyed all the “goodies” like their good old days during the old man’s LKY’s time?
    He has “crossed the line” this time by insulting our judicial system & this is no longer a “private matter”!
    He should bear the “consequences” like any ordinary citizen!

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