Is SPH planning to hire 10 new foreign correspondents after retrenching 130 staff members?


While Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) is in the middle of a mass retrenchment exercise, as it plans to layoff 130 staff members, Warren Fernandez – SPH’s editor-in-chief of the English/Malay/Tamil Media Group held a townhall meeting with The Straits Times (ST) newsroom staff yesterday at 5pm.

This is the second such townhall meeting in two days at the group that has been reported to have resorted to retrenchment in a time of profits, as the firm’s full year net profit rose by 32 percent to S$350.1 million from the previous financial year.

According to a tip-off by an unnamed source within SPH to local news site Mothership, frustrated staff became even more exasperated as they were told that ST is performing well and that the paper will hire 10 new foreign correspondents:

Additionally, the source reported that Fernandez blamed the IT department for locking staff who were terminated on Thursday and Friday out of their work computer system, suggesting that the IT department could do better.

The source also alleged that AsiaOne’s closure was not discussed at the meeting.

The online news aggregator site is said to be due for closure as early as next month, in spite of the fact that AsiaOne underwent a comprehensive revamp just over four months ago, in May this year.

SPH shuts down AsiaOne just 4 months after revamp

SPH mass retrenchment to save costs is like “applying a plaster to a gaping wound”



  1. Good job. Karma coming back on bite hard….

    For years and years, ordinary Singaporeans have los their jobs to foreigners as a result of PAP open policy… people suffer, no money to bring food to table, stress, humiliated and resorted to drive taxi, low pay….

    While you journalists keep writing articles to protect PAP and none of you stood up…

    So screw you and if your job is taken by some foreigners… kudos… fuck yourself for voting PAP 2 years ago

  2. < ...resorted to retrenchment in a time of profits, as the firm’s full year net profit rose by 32 percent to S$350.1 million from the previous financial year.>
    Company made more $$ but retrenched locals so as to hire more foreigners…..why isn’t this ex-NOL CEO in PAP CEC?!

  3. Whenever the MIW sit around having drinks, they probably just laugh at all the insults thrown at them by saying, ” who fxxk cares, our banks are filling up n we can do anything in style n comfort….” Lol…

  4. Karma at its best for reporting fake news.
    You want to act dogs, now you got a pig.
    I’m clapping my hands. Welcome to being unemployed. Im employed btw. Without having to lick and suck PAP cock.

  5. This is the type of right news reporter used to report and now they are part of the right news being retrench and replace by foreigners, now they got their real life chance to experience for themselves and I like to congratulate them

  6. Well done. 70% once again u have proven yourself to be an idiots. Stop telling other to leave if not happy. U the once should leave because u are the once that make singapore unhappy and sabotage local Singaporeans. During Japanese time, traitors are beheaded. 70% u should just kill yourself.

  7. No lah..They will hire foreign interns, very cheaper labour, no need levy, can slave the students, no need foreign quota..thats what my ex- company does. Terminate locals and hire foreign students for 6 months ..such awesome loopholes, MOM is blinded to even check!

  8. By not stopping him, this shows that the government is supporting him. Not good for the citizens n Singapore. How to get married n have more children when the future is so uncertain. I am sad to see those who heed the government’s advise to have more children. How to pay for their housing loan n children’s’ food n lodging now ?

  9. And they get an ex military paper general to do it…..SAF personnel insread of protecting and defending Spore and Sporeans they break their ricebowl….good job ther

  10. My ST delivery man has served me 30 over years come rain or shine,has become a Friend,watched him matured into his sixties !SPH offered a better package one time annual payment instead of monthly payment collection by my Friend.I said OK provided delivery man does not suffer any loss,he does not.May not contribute much…if you can help a Friend it’s satisfying.

  11. Enough said, when are we going to the street, to party them out. MIW never bother to know what we think about them. They don’t eat our words & voices. PM me when there’s a street party, I love to join and many will too✌

  12. I m honestly starting to like this fat Fark. He doesn’t know what to do in any industry he is in, but he operates on a “if you do not co operate with me, we shall die together” basis…lol

  13. The BS about scholars, generals, the elites, lawyers, economists and all the rest of the highly educated are The Best to lead Singapore must be debunked! It is simply a BIG lie! The genesis of it: The late LKY, the conman extraordinaire. He believed in eugenics, namely intelligent parents will produce intelligent children. A FALSEHOOD. Generally speaking. We DESPERATELY need sincere, committed and competent men and women to lead. NOT judged by their qualifications but by their passions to Make Singapore Better. The current PAP scholars, generals and all are SELF-SERVING and are simply not interested in serving the people. To the point: We are PAYING top money for duds! The whole lot of them can resign but Singapore will still carry on. These PAP appointed leaders are LIABILITIES! And, we simply cannot afford the corruption and incompetence of the PAP anymore. Our children’s FUTURE is bleak under the self-serving and corrupt PAP. Opposition, UNITE! Rally the troops. State boldly: ‘We Are READY to lead’.

  14. So what is MOM or the Minister got to say, the so called TRIPATE…sleeping or just set up collect tax payers money and do nothing. If this is true…very sad state of affairs for Singapore. These committees are useless.

  15. Foreign news from other news agencies such as Reuters Bloomberg etc do not report news with a Singapore “angle” or from a Singapore “perspective”. This is to make sure Singaporeans read the “right news”

  16. So you think you voted the PAP your job is guaranteed? Think again. They only care that profit comes first and paying their cronies is more more important. You are just a number. A number to be called.

  17. The very propaganda paper they served has now served them a vicious blow. Speak openly and tell all you know of how effed up the paper is, and of skullduggery there within exists.

  18. It is good to have some foreign correspondents , if not , all views about the same .. we must learn from cnn .. all from difference countries , then can do big …

  19. Wondering why retrench and hire foreigner? Will they recruit the retrench staff to different departments again? I think they must at least give a good explanation to axe staff.

    • ” Foreign talents” are so hardup that they are willing to grab jobs no matter how low the pay is. In my block of flats, foreign talents abound. They only rent flats. Contract up? No problem coz their bank savings are increasing. I’m surrounded by FTs. Front, upstairs downstairs mostly Pinoys. This is the real picture.

  20. As I had said previously, the reporters whose being retrenched probably are those whose refused to be PAP dog.
    Getting another 10 foreign dog seem “reasonable” for SPH.
    Of course, MOM will close two eyes on this matter.

  21. This guy has been consistent! In NOL when he ran out of ideas of how to turn things around he retrenched. ! Guess wat he will do next when retrenchment dun work?

  22. In the real world, problems appear in different forms. So when there is no 10 year series to refer, just RETRENCH to solve the problem. Good work Boy Boy CEO, is your maid Latisha helping to carrying your little briefcase to SPH?

  23. So much for loyalty huh these days. Retrenched reporters please contact me urgently. I need help from honest reporter to voice out for LOST OPPORTUNITIES of our young generation due to the compulsory service. NS should be abolished. If regulars are paid well and able to move up based on their abilities not academic merits, you won’t need to force people to serve NS. If our MPs are smokers what’s a good reason for changing NSmen from having a puff during their breaks? Many of the officers take great pleasure by imposing ridiculous charges on NSmen disregarding their valid reasons just because of the powers bestowed to them. Wasted lives forgotten by those officers whom had caused suicides of, amongst others, Ganesh Pillay Magindren in 2014 and Shek Salmin Bin Murad wen 2015. What kind of leaders are being sculpted by the force. Being agile without empathy?

  24. By retrenchment for bringing back company in healthy P/L. In this world there will not to have any losing balance sheet Companies at all. We Singapore should sell him together with NOL away as a package earlier.

  25. Songbo? Woody Goh say *retrenchment is good fot Singapore, if there is no retrenchment then I worry”. Then the 154th dog media is “yes sir yes sir three pounds full” ,
    so good riddance (y). They like glorifying and propaganding 4k dishwasher, 7k taxi driver and 15k uber jobs so all the best in their future endeavors in such jobs 😉

  26. SPH doing well? Their profits rose only because of their divestment of MediaCock. Otherwise their profits will be down the drain. People with enquiring minds have stopped buying the shit times. And for the “journalists” who were laid off. Sorry hor, you are just reporters. You do the bidding of your masters and when they don’t need you, they get rid of you. Those who remain will receive the same treatment sooner or later. And for the foreigners they plan to employ, they believe like the MIW that the foreigners are better than the locals. It is in their mindset. CHANGE is needed and it has to begin at the very top. Yes, get rid of the MIW otherwise Singapore will go down the drain.

  27. I don’t know if it’s true, but I am disgusted by such decision if it is. We should never hire foreigners for plum jobs no matter how much more talented the foreigners are. It’s morally wrong especially when jobs are difficult to come by these days. I’d urge the board to rethink their decision.

  28. 2019 please.. please….please…..singaporean… wake the F@ck up already! Dont see see 2015 to present how much damage LHL and his gov have cost us! Get him out and explain where the funds all lost too during his terms!

    Later this fat pig will sell SPH like he did last time to NOL

  29. We don’t know if the reporters voted for PAP. But we do know that the output of articles published is heavily controlled. Sometimes when someone is coercing you, what would one expect them to do?

    If the vast majority of the 30% had any guts they’d show up at Hong Lim Park instead of hiding behind a keyboard and lan lan. At the crux of it these 30% aren’t really committed to the cause. They’d choose to show their opposition in the least committal and most convenient way. Stop blaming the 70% all the time. Ask yourself where were you when it mattered. For me, I admit I am lame too.

  30. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  31. Look at the decorated general. All looks and not much use.
    And those that were retrenched, good riddance. You were the paper army for the ruling party. The old Guards that once helmed SPH were all let go long ago. Guess you did not foresee it.

  32. Once foreign correspondents are employed, standard of English will decline leading to massive cancellation of sph subscriptions and support resulting in sph running into greater profit erosion, thus sph has no choice but to send the ceo to the school of the unemployed.

  33. The journalist got the taste of the own medicine. They are in a worse situation. Who will employ them
    Only one MSM. They are being replaced by foreigners. When Singapiteans suffered this fate you kept mum. Your karma as returned to haunt you. Come join the long queue of UBER, GRAB and Comfort drivers.

  34. I find it stupid of SPH ! It doesn’t make sense ! They retrench locals and hire FT ! And the job static shows more singaporean are employed . I think the 1st to go is the CEO ! You save money by laying off 130 staffs and give it back to the FTs .

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