Is President Halimah Yacob moving to landed property at Bournemouth Road in Mountbatten?


Some netizens online have claimed that they’ve found out exactly where President Halimah Yacob is going to move to: a thrre-storey detached house at Bournemouth Road in Mountbatten.

Photos of the property have been circulating online and the social media sphere has been abuzz with speculation that this will be the President’s new home since the property boasts of a newly-erected security post outside and the presence of a Gurkha guard. One netizen even alleged:

“My friend that lives opposite says heavy police presence. All cars are screened. And some neighbours have been interviewed.”

Such speculation comes after it was announced on Monday last week that President Halimah Yacob is all set to move out of her home in Yishun Ave 4 after strongly being advised to do so by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). MHA said in a press release that it had conducted a careful assessment of the security arrangements for the President and had informed her that security agencies face several challenges in ensuring her security and protection, if she continues to stay in her current home.

The President had earlier stated that she would like to continue to live in her current home in Yishun, subject to security considerations. Her reluctance to move from her HDB jumbo flat drew fierce criticism from netizens.

Some even reproached her for wasting taxpayer’s money to drive with security escorts from Yishun to the Istana, and back, every day.

MHA also said in its press release that the President has accepted MHA’s security recommendation, and that she will make arrangements to move to a new place soon.

The new location has not been officially disclosed as yet.

Halimah to move out of Yishun after Home Ministry’s strong advice to do so


  1. Poor Pinocchio! No Palace, just a Place….. Happy Now for abandoning original Race?

    Who wanna Guess what creatures will occupy the Palace? Lies will be cooked: due to having to receive foreign dignitaries, the Dishonorable is torn between Doing what’s Wrong from Doing what’s VERY Wrong! Further sealing that LKY would have approved of it too! Wow! Really?

    I am already twice correct!

    No PE
    No Palace stay

    Let’s make it a 3rd in a toll!

  2. I often see SPF signboards requesting witnesses for housebreaking offences along that stretch of Tg Katong Rd. The enhanced security after H moves in should benefit the residents in the area. But I reckon non residents who visit the eateries along Tg Katong Rd would soon face problem parking their cars along the lanes off the main road.

  3. This website reports in such a way that others seemed to do incorrect. When she stayed in HDB, the claim is netizens are unhappy. Who ? What ? Statistics. Well, my friend who stays there is ok with it. Now that she stays in landed property. Well, are you going to say she is not a people President. Or quote netizens – the phantoms – that they are inconvenienced by security checks and traffic controls? Shame ! Poor journalism.

  4. From yistana to 58 Bournemouth rd. Was originally 50,000sq ft n rebuilt into 3 bungalows. Had to remain in yistana as new house was noy ready yet.

  5. Initially she said not moving….meaning her landed house under renovation but after its done…she said people want her to move what. What a professional statements.

  6. A pointless puppet causing inconvenience to everyone. At least uncle KFC, while equally useless, brought hope to Singaporeans because he looked like he might be carrying a bucket of fried chicken behind his fake smile

  7. Already purchased the bungalow 7mobths ago wayang to say want to stay in HDH and refuse to return the HDH property This type of pretender also can be head if state Who respect her???’Indian or Malay??????

  8. that why she is lying to her Yishun resident..I stay on ..but in fact she is waiting for her private house to be ready..With million dollar paycheck and status sure jadi lah..Yishun orang kena con lah…big time

    • Robert Pong Istana is consider her workplace get ur facts right first. No President ever lives there except for One. Why are u being such a coward. Not happy speak to the government why pick on her?

  9. Dear netizens…
    Like it or not. Mdm Halimah is the president and yes so it’s looks like she was selected by the government.
    You can rant all you want but at the end of the day, you bullshitters are the one who never wanted to make the change, then GE you still vote for the same government to ensure security. Sudah lah.

    In all honesty , it has never bothered me who our president is , because , elected or selected the previous and now Mdm Halimah deserved to be president.

    She lives in HDB , you’re not happy. Now she is in landed property you also not happy
    Presidential security has always been this way for donkey years.
    Why make noise now???


  10. Why move here and causing inconvenience to the neighbourhood? Not forgetting extra resources must be spent for a puppet! HaLeeMa moves to Istana!!

  11. No need so many security. No body wants to harm a worthless person. It’s a waste of their time an effort. don’t make any difference if she dies, or kidnap or disappear from singapore. Don’t effect singapore at all.

  12. HDB wrong …. Landed property also wrong … get some life guys. If you keep this kind of hate feeling the next 6 yrs, it is not good for your health …. you’ll die early.

  13. Go to tge istana la no need to shy shy as you know no one elect you you shhiok sendiri disturbing all Singaporean instead of helping as president you roaming around giving problem

  14. Give the lady a break lah..
    no matter if She or He is Chinese/Malay/Indian/Eurasian or any other race, as long she/he is a GOOD PRESIDENT who take care of our Singapore well.. our PRESIDENT Is our SINGAPORE PRESIDENT !

  15. Those commenting negatively have a sickness. Sickness in their hearts.
    Come on guys , whoever the president is,our lives still have to go on.
    To envy is fine but not jealousy which could lead to hatred.

  16. Now that the campaign is over which costed Millions of dollars ,the President is all set to lounge a new campaign which is who wants to be a Millonaire.”

  17. Hello, with respect to netizens..A selected President also needs a place to stay. She cannot stay here cannot stay there. Don’t force her until she got stay in CCK Muslim cemetery leh.

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