Irate Pedestrian Picks Unprovoked Fight with Motorist


Motorist KP Lau uploaded a video on his Facebook account on January 24, with the caption “Mad pedestrian picks a fight on the road.” In the dashcam video, we follow the driver as he makes a left turn and then drives down MacKenzie road, only to be stopped by a man standing in the middle of the road. A physical fight ensued between the motorist and the pedestrian, seemingly without reason, and the pedestrian is caught on camera banging firmly several times on the bonnet of the motorist’s vehicle, before the driver finally goes on his way.

Mad pedestrian picks a fight on the road

Posted by KP Lau on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The pedestrian looked irate from the beginning of their encounter. He addressed the motorist, but since there is no audio on the video, viewers cannot hear what he is saying. The pedestrian was seen to speak in a confrontative, even threatening manner, and banged on the hood of the car. He refused to move from in front of the car. The motorist attempted to drive away, but was prevented by the pedestrian, who continued to stand in front of the car.

The driver then alighted from the vehicle, and attempted to move the other man to the sidewalk.The pedestrian got violent and hit the driver, who got upset and kicked the pedestrian. The driver then returned to the car.

The video ends with the pedestrian hitting the bonnet of the car several times.

Commenters on the post agreed that the pedestrian got what he deserved.

Others sympathized with the motorist

Another commented said she would have waited in the car for the police

A commenter from the US told what would have ensued should the incident have happened in his country



  1. Glad no one was seriously injured. The troublemaker looked like he was expecting the driver; but with the manner he was encumbered with two satchel bags and a smartphone in hand, surely he wasn’t in any fighting shape… he didn’t look intoxicated either… I would chalk it to a close encounter of the third kind:-)

  2. Did that guy get up on the wrong side of his bed, that day? Or he could not get laid that day? He seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    That was a good kick you delivered, KP Lau. But, it was not a hard kick, not hard enough to floor him! He threw the 1st punch. You could’ve floored him in self defence, KP Lau. I would’ve done that, for sure. He won’t be able to stand no more, after that.