iPhone 7 to be water-resistant; Pre-orders start on Friday


By: Kheng-Liang Tan

Apple has launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus yesterday.

The new phones will have minor aesthetic changes from its predecessor and come in the same sizes – 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Compared to the former, the antenna lines across the back are gone.

In addition, the thickness of the phone has been reduced from 7.1mm to 6.1 mm.

As a result of this change, the headphone jack gone in favour of earbuds that are connect through the phone’s charging port. Wireless headphones – called AirPods – can be purchased separately at extra cost.

The iPhone 7 will have a single camera but the Plus model will have a dual lens feature that allows for optical zoom. In addition, the home button has been enhanced to allow for pressure-sensitive touch.


Five colours will be available: Jet black, Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose gold