Internet rages against Lee's call to Americans to support TPP

picture credit: North Jersey

The BBC yesterday (3 Aug) shared a video clip of the views of 2 American president-wannabes, juxtaposed against Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s call for the American people to support the TPP.

BBC captioned their video: “Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong makes a case for why the Trans-Pacific Partnership matters to Americans.”

Many who responded to BBC’s post in Facebook were not kind to PM Lee’s call for support of the multi-nation trade pact.

The Singapore Government is Obama’s key partner in the 12-nations trade pact, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. Obama and Lee have both said that TPP will boost exports┬áto┬átheir respective countries and build strategic ties in Asia.

The Democratic Party nominee for the Presidential race in November this year, Hillary Clinton; as well as the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, have both opposed TPP and aligned themselves with the average American voters who think that the trade deal is bad news for them.