Indranee Rajah sides with Grace Fu; explains why Sylvia Lim’s conduct is dishonourable


Yet another PAP parliamentarian has cast aspersions against Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim’s conduct after she refused to apologise for her remarks on the timing of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) increase announcement.

The Aljunied GRC MP had said earlier that the Government had floated “trial balloons” on a possible tax hike but possibly backed down after the public noted Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s comments in 2015 that the Government has enough revenue for the next decade.

While Lim defended her statement as “honest suspicion,” her remarks drew intense flak from Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam who refuted the allegation and asserted that her statement was both “dishonest” and “hypocritical”.

Shanmugam and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat pressed Lim to withdraw her statement. Heng later wrote a letter and pressured Lim to behave as “an honourable MP should” and retract her statement.

This was followed by Leader of the House, Grace Fu, giving Lim a 3-day deadline to apologise for the “false allegation” or risk further action on Tuesday, 6 Mar.

In Parliament yesterday, Lim asserted that she was reflecting concerns on the ground and that she did not accuse the government of being dishonest: “I do not accept the over-characterisation the PAP MPs have put on my words and intentions based on their own interpretation borne out of overactive imaginations and over sensitivity.”

A “disappointed” Fu put Lim on notice for failing to apologise. She added that Lim’s behaviour is indicative of the low standards of “the member and her party,” and said that her actions are “deplorable”.

Indranee Rajah shares her take

Senior Minister of State for Law Indranee Rajah explained the whole situation on her Facebook page this afternoon and explained why Fu had said that Lim had not behaved honourably.

Adding that Lim’s explanation of her allegation “did not square with the facts,” and that the opposition politician should have apologised and withdrawn her statement:

GST Hike: An Honourable Course of Conduct or not? On Monday I had posted on Ms Sylvia Lim’s allegation that the…

Posted by Indranee Rajah on Thursday, 8 March 2018

“GST Hike: An Honourable Course of Conduct or not?
“On Monday I had posted on Ms Sylvia Lim’s allegation that the government floated a “test balloon” about raising GST immediately, but backtracked due to the public reaction.
“In Parliament yesterday Ms Sylvia Lim made a statement on this issue. There followed a long exchange involving the Leader of the House Grace Fu, Ms Lim, Minister Heng Swee Keat and Mr Low Thia Kiang.
“When the dust settled, the bottom line was this:
“Ms Lim admitted that her suspicion may not have been correct.
“Mr Low was more forthcoming. He said it was clear that the government had no intention to raise GST immediately and that Ms Lim’s suspicion was not correct.
“Yet Ms Lim refused to withdraw her allegation or to apologise.
“Leader said this fell short of the standards of integrity and honourable conduct expected of Members. Why did she say that?
“Ms Lim gave an extended explanation of why events prior to the Budget Statement had led her to the suspicions she voiced in Parliament last week on Thursday.
“Her explanation doesn’t really square with the facts, but let’s put that aside for the moment, and focus on what happened after she spoke last week.
“Both Minister Shan and Minister Heng had stood up immediately to point out that the record disproved her suspicion, and invited her to withdraw her comment.
“Ms Lim claimed she didn’t have the facts at hand, and promised to go back and check.
“Minister Heng issued a statement the very next day (Friday) reciting the facts, and invited her to withdraw and apologise.
“I put up a FB post on Monday setting out the government’s successive statements over a five year period, which were all consistently about having enough revenues until 2020, but needing more revenues beyond 2020.
“On Tuesday Ms Fu, as Leader of the House, reiterated the facts and invited a withdrawal and apology.
“Ms Lim may originally have been under a mistaken impression. Fair enough. But after the facts have been made clear by four ministers, after it had been shown that her suspicion was wrong, after she herself admitted that she may have been wrong, and after her own leader Mr Low said it is clear now the Government had no intention to raise GST immediately, shouldn’t she have withdrawn the allegation and apologised?
“Yet Ms Lim did neither. That is why the Leader of the House said this was not the honourable conduct expected of MPs.”

Netizens criticise Indranee for “unnecessary” comment

Netizens, however, criticised Indranee for her “unnecessary” comments on the matter. Challenging why Indranee did not contribute her views in Parliament itself, several netizens asked her to just move on:

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  1. In the very 1st Place why MUST Ms Sylvia apologies for the question on GST Increase !!
    She or even the Opposition does NOT have to apologise to such people like Grace FU in the very 1st place….Look they as Opposition have the Right to question the Government and that does NOT make Grace Fu the Government but rather as one of its MPs or Minister and without the GRC Group Grace Fu too would not have got her seat in Parliament. We the Citizen and Tax payer RESERVE our right to even QUESTION you “Grace Fu” & Government WHY the INCREASE for. You (Government) owe us an explanation and just because we the Ordinary Citizen are NOT able to come into Parliaments to SPEAK Up nor are we able to Voice our Unhappiness even in Speaker Corner WHAT utter Nonsense you (Government) Talking about….Do NOT say our “Income Tax & Property Tax” is a small amount that we have NO right over YOU and don’t Threat your Civil Servant that their “Pay Check/Salary come from the PAP/Government” as you forgot the SHIT that the ERP & GST are Money from us Singaporean and ME too….So Madam Grace Fu learnt some Manner before you really get a Face to Face with Me if I ever join the Opposition.

    • another stupid asking for opposition to apologise, can’t opposition represent the Singaporean to ask questions which is not clear. This shown PAP are one sided and all yes men. Weather the government is right or wrong.

  2. I also want all the MP for my area to come and apologized to me for the open burning issue and the incompetent of the town council for not only did not put a stop to it, make matter even worst. I also want Minister of Transport to come and apologized to me for all the train breakdown and etc and giving lousy excuse or explaination. Dont think they will come also. I guess we all dont get what we want. Move on. We pay you high salary to make our like better in Sg like no GST hike.

  3. Personally support her stand for not issuing any apologies for the question asked. Those are the questions that’s should and needed to be asked and that made the current government very uncomfortable and unable to answer. The apparent gang up bullying is deplorable and expected from PAP given their standards today.

  4. When free as a MP go walk around your estate UNANNOUNCED or in a disguise (learn from under cover boss – but please video it down because no one will believe you will do such things).

    Then maybe, just maybe you will start to feel this little tumping in your chest (slightly towards the left side – hopefully it still there). That will be the heartbeat that keeps you human…

  5. Give them all 3 women a dagger each and they fight it out in an arena. See who’s face get slashed up the worst and who can take a stab into the stomach and then stamped into their eye balls with their high heels. the one who taps out and surrender HAS TO APOLOGISE!

  6. Responsiblity of parliment is to take care of national issue like taming high inflation , find solution to the perrenial train problem , employment problem so as to make spore a more livable place instead monkeying around for apology , calling your master name dishonourable ,young olive virgin oil add fire . Pure waste of the 70 % blind loyalty , blind obediance , tax money

  7. My views on the whole GST episode is that PAP Minister and MPs has lost their ability to intelligently debate and convince Singaporean! They are not use to constructive criticism and intelligent comments made by the WP MPs and members of public! The quality of their answer was sub-standards and deplorable….. it does Nor even come close to justify the exorbitant salary they received!

  8. SHUT THE FARK UP YOU INDRANEE OR WHAYEVER NEE. Move on to next bloody topic since u arses already voted for the hike.

    How much more time do u wanna waste discussing on Ms Sylvia? She is a fighter and hero. Period. Whatever u PAP “elites” say of her are actually meant for yourselves. YOUR HOUSE HAS NO MIRROR?

  9. That disgracefool give smlj notice !? Doing that that old PLP CBM leader forgotten she is giving notice to all the residents of Aljunied constituency!!!!
    And the inthedrain mop head by jumping on to the bang wagon of the gang of 4 is insulting the people of Singapore!!!!! Nahbeh this inthedrain mop head is anothernorn out of the black mamba nest !

  10. Small minded minister, harping over a small issue, with such minister at helm, Singapore is going down hill. Sure, these minister can afford all kind of increases in taxes, but please pity the salaried men in the street, any increase in taxes will hit his family hard.

  11. How many times have Ministers and MPs of the ruling party acted dishonorably over the years? Ask any well informed Singaporean and they will have no problems telling you!

    Sylvia Lim acted with honor as an elected representative of Singaporeans! That’s all that matters! Let the witches in parliament brew over their own poison! We cannot expect feeble minded sycophants to think otherwise. Can they even begin to fathom the meaning of honor. One amongst them has even earned the distinction of being publicly labeled dishonorable! Singaporeans really don’t care two hoots.

    Dishonorable politicians and there are many in our midst, must truly be the lowest life forms on the face of this planet! Instead of serving the people, they choose to spend time screwing those who hold valid albeit contrarian views!

  12. 1. There was this surprise budget surplus to share with citizens. Question is : Why is this a surprise surplus? Why Finance Minister didn’t forecast when he has all the human resources in MOF?

    2. GST to increase after GE2020/21 to support Healthcare. How is the support going to done, no details at the moment.

    3. There will be similar GST vouchers to help citizens, again no details. Only know 2% confirm increase.

    Can Grace Fu and Indranee Rajah explain?

  13. I like Indranee. She is sincere and not belonging to the princeling stock – that is Father or Mother are ex ministers or senior civil servant. But I think there is no need to practice this sparring. The next 4G leaders have no one that is politically tested eg by communist, racial riots, roughen up elections, the way we saw in late 1950s in Singapore and in many developing countries. That means if they face Malaysian or Indonesian political climate, even the smartest scholars will shiver. After so many years of grooming in a Petri dish in clinical Singapore, I don’t know about the fighting and killing spirit. So, this thingy that you see, forcing SL to apologise, is Mickey Mouse in many country. In fact, electorate are going to say, aiyah why you do this type of thing again ? You are not LKY whom we are willing to listen and to be taught. So, people are going to say sama sama and switch off their ears to these PAP MPs chirping away.

  14. We don’t need you to echo more useless accusations as SL is asking what many of us Singaporeans are unable to ask because elected PAP MPs yourself included are afraid to ask your ministers. Shame on all of you, gutless and useless elected puppets pretending to be honorable……

  15. this woman has always been ARROGANT and CONDESCENDING although I don’t know what she has done to qualify to behave that way. Learn from the late LKY – though he has achieved a great deal for Singapore, he has never behave the way indranee is behaving. He was strict but never arrogant nor condescending…

  16. Maybe i should form a politic party and win in a election. Only thing i will do everyday is ask PAP MP to apologize for whatever bullshit come out from their mouth. However, will still support whatever nice thing come out from their mouth. Better participate as independent.

  17. Withdraw 6-7digits annual salary still want to talk nonsense and want Ms Sylvia to apologize. Ms Sylvia is speaking for us majority Singaporeans. If you are majority ave income Singaporeans, will u agreed increase the tax too?
    Life have to move on and pls find better ways to benefits more Singaporeans rather then talking trivial issue in parliament wanted her apologize.

  18. A Disgracefool and now appear a clown. A fool trying to fool the people to believe what is wrong is right. A clown trying to parrot the same story to win a wrong argument though the battle is over.

  19. This shows that most of people in this white party are petty, picky on small things, and doesn’t know how to see the bigger picture… What has Singapore become? Don’t make someone turn in his grave after all his hard work leh.. Right Sumith Sudarshana?

  20. Teacher : 1 plus 2 equals to 12.

    Student : Why is 1 plus 2 equal to 12 ?

    Teacher : I demand for your apology and retract your question.

    Student : Why teacher ? Why do I need to apologize and retract my question ?

    Teacher : Because you’ve shown disrespect by doubting me and having the audacity to raise a question.

    Student : But teacher isn’t it your duty to inform and teach us and to ensure that we understand your teaching ?

    Teacher : “I don’t care, you better say sorry” …

  21. Picking a fish bone in an egg….is wat these white good at…..we pay u to solve our average citizens problems not to increase burden on us n our children……. we can tahan 3years 8months of Ww2 invasion by the rising sun…..if u PPL still do nothing about it…..Even our ah Gong jump out of his grave also cannot save u PPL……Come GE u will see yr vote drops to single digit %……..

  22. Remember it’s Indranee Rajah who contributed to this government fiasco. She said they were working on when to raise taxes in the days leading up to the budget which fuelled even more speculations of tax rises. When they lost the argument they then attack Sylvia personally. Sore loser.

    • Agree with you they are bad losers and they think they are always right. They should apologise to the public because they started the rumours on GST and later retracted their proposal and postponed the GST increase. Why should Sylvia Lim apologise? She done nothing wrong at all. IR is just adding salt to the wound because she’s only a Senior Minister of State. IR should just shut up like all the other MPs present.

  23. It’s a pity to see educated, organized & experienced party to ask the minority party to say sorry… Feels like a mother with a kid…” Say sorry now” . Big bully small…but I must say kudos to MP Sylvia to be rooted to her statement as they tormented repeatedly like robots with no emotions.millions of Singaporean gonna suffer due to all these “improvements”. Try staying in a 3 room.flat with 6 family members…try paying for bills when pay is insufficient, try being a human…try being a Singaporean. In time to come… Change will be inevitable…sad to be pivotly standing to be a patriot of my nation

  24. There are real problems to be attended to in the countries which these ministers ought to know. Please attend to them as the people will have them prioritized. Not how your party would want to. Rightfully, bruised ego of your party members should not even be in that list of priorities.

  25. she is a unless MP (Indranee), years ago my mum approached her for some help with regards to hospital bill, she makes my mum go to see her at meet the MP session for 3 rounds just to get her write a letter to SGH to used my medisave to pay for her op…. 3 rounds!!! 3 letters written… promises after promises..making my old aged mother walk all the way to her and nothing has been done in the end we have to pay lump sum of cash without even allow to touch my medisave. useless MP!

    • Thanks for shearing brother, this is what social media are for to share info on what’s happening ……But to some that are not doing their job, they trying to silent the voice or using IB to talk cock in order allow those players continue to be useless , talk nonsense and stay in millionaire minister club

  26. Can we all stop voting these people in? Useless, incompetent asses drawing million-dollar salary, doing nothing but try to bully opposition members.

    Apologise?? For fuck?? Do they apologise for all the stupid fuckups that happened?? No they don’t.

    Lets all make a stand and NOT vote them. Even if its some coffeeshop uncle standing for election, lets vote him in. Anyone but a PAP member.

  27. well said….

    Parliament is not a Court of Law where facts and evidence are paramount with a Judge or Jury deciding on the merits of a case. Parliament as the name suggest, is a People’s house, where free flow of discussion, bantering and cross fire takes place with decorum, in an orderly and fair manner – with plenty of give and take amongst active participants.

    In the UK the MPs perform this role with an upright sense of humour, to remove the sting or venom of their condemnation or accusation in a light hearted way to avoid leaving a bad taste in the mouth. In short two opposing individuals representing different sets of interests can be political foes but remain friends at the same time.

    This give and take environment is sadly missing in Singapore‘s Parliament which conduct its business along the draconian line set by the late LKY who believes no quarters should be accorded to the Opposition. If need be they should be totally and viciously demolished. In a situation like this only a smart, savvy, thick skinned and committed Opposition member can survive the gauntlet. But such people are rare. You can hardly find one even in the rank and file of current crop of ‘parachuted’ PAP Members of Parliament.

    The PAP complains that the Opposition do not have credible individuals promoting an alternative cause in Parliament. But who would dare join the Opposition if they know the barrage they are likely to face each time they speak up in Parliament? It used to be that Parliament acts as a forum for the common man in the street. But can the latter survive in a Parliament where the rules of LKY apply? Unless of course he or she is lucky enough to join Parliament as a PAP MP and not subjected to the gauntlet which our unfortunate Sylvia Lim have for years been subjected to.

    I may not admire LTK’s and her eloquence or lack of it, in presenting a case. But I certainly admire their grit and determination to survive and represent their constituents the best they possibly can, within their own language, knowledge and intellectual limitations, in such a hostile and unfriendly environment. The role of Parliament has never been intended to be like this . It meant to be a place of assembly for “Commoners” – where different minded folks meet. Folks, who, if they disagree , will at the end of the day, Agree to Disagree and Move On to promote the People’s agenda – and can continue to be foes and friends at the same time. Alternatively next time throw chairs or punches like some countries.

  28. I think most Singaporeans care about whether the GST increase is justifiable. So far, no facts given in terms of projected stats on revenue increase as well as expenditure. All we go by now are very general comments about social spending is expected to increase.

    That’s the same story we were given for previous increases and yet in the end the govt posted healthy budget surpluses. So this meant that their estimation was off and that we needn’t have been taxed so heavily.

    Will Singaporeans believe the same vague story again after our past experience? One can only hope that we would.

  29. Always see the WP members in Parleement no up Always think the people are fools. 4 can become 5. An Indian can become a Malay President reserved for the Malay community. You want the people to trust the government with their facts now. No wonder Sylvia Lim see no need to apologise because she truly feels for the people. More important is what she said is not completely wrong.

  30. All the distractions by PAP so that GST issue is not fully scrutinized and debated. In short, SL is right, PAP is testing the ground and how best to shape the discourse to force the issue across. Such tactics have been used many times by PAP through it’s arsenal of propaganda machineries before. Many dafts will fall for it and after that parroting the PAP party line and reasoning.

  31. I wont plead the useless to stop their indecent actions. I am just an ordinary citizen still working at age 58 now. (CPF) only returned a token of $5000 of my own money i lend to the government. I am concerns of everyday there are some announcement of things that will increase in cost and taxes. SL from WP was doing the Nation a duty asking for the justification on the mother of all taxes..the GST! While my MP in West Zones collect salaries and sleep. I Salute and thank SL for being the people MP! THANK YOU.

  32. Indranee is a decent girl from a good family and proper education. Why has she sold her principles down the drain to participate in this senseless persecution? I can see her feeling ashamed of herself as she speaks. Everyone knows politicians float balloons to test the ground. Where’s the damage to anyone’s integrity?