Indians-Hindraf to support Mahathir says report

Picture credit: Video grab of Mahathir during the Hindraf meet

According to the Malaysian Insight, the Indian community in Malaysia is ready to forgive former PM Mahathir Mohamad for his past mistakes.

They said they will support him as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the opposition group, the Pakatan Harapan or PH, despite not being 100% sure Mahathir has changed.

This was said last week during a session in between the Hindraf movement and the PH. The Hindraf said they were willing to accept Mahathir as PM if the PH were to form the next government in Malaysia.

The Hindraf said the Indian community was the poorest in the country compared to other communities. They are the third largest communal group in Malaysia.

They blamed the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) and the Barisan Nasional for the situation.

Mahathir however said the MIC misused the facilities and aids given to the Indian community.

With the blame on the MIC accepted by the crowd, some said Mahathir has changed enough for the Indians to believe that he could be given another chance as PM.

A majority of Indians voted for the opposition candidates since the 2008 elections, sources said, though in 2013, a percentage shifted alliance back to the BN.

The Hindraf says it is fighting for the voice of the voiceless within the Indian community.

The Hindraf started as an opposition group that joined the regime of PM Najib Razak in a bid to get some benefits for the Indians.

The movement resumed its campaigns against the BN after claiming it did not get satisfaction from its stint with the BN.