Indian migrant worker hits jackpot in Singapore Sweep; wins 2.3 million overnight


A photo showing an Indian migrant worker who allegedly won a 2.3 million jackpot in a Singapore Pools lottery this month has been going viral today. Photos showing the worker, the worker with a Chinese man, the winning lottery ticket, and a cheque for the winning 2.3 million dollars are being circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp.

The cheque identifies the overnight millionaire as Karuppaiah Gobinath and even appears to reveal his passport number. The cheque also reveals that it was disbursed on 13 Sept 2017.

The last time a foreign worker won the jackpot at a Singapore Sweep lottery was perhaps when a domestic helper employed by a family living in Pasir Ris won the 2.3 million winning prize in 2015.

The helper’s win was tainted by accusations that she stole the winning ticket. While the results of the ensuing police investigation are unclear, the helper’s employers were certain that their helper did not commit any crime.

The 46-year-old helper who was described as “honest” and “a very nice person” by her employers complied with the investigation and told reporters that she had sent some of the prize money to her children living in the Philippines. She also told reporters that she intended to continue working for her employers: “They are family to me.”


    • Only $2.5million whether you are fugitive or Criminal Singapore welcome you Many concentrated at Orchard road and sentosa Cove posh condominium but jobless with plenty of Cash can drive expensive Sports cars eg Lamborghini and Porsches!!!

  1. His Money is already gone liau. Like the cleaner who received donation of almost 1 million after the death of her husband— She lost all the 1 million in 8 months from conman and swindlers.

  2. Congrats! But he should perhaps take up a course on financial education or get a private banker to help managed his money cos most of the time they lose their money just as fast as they won it. Maybe he should invest in some properties as foreign investor in Singapore. It’s going to go up soon as so they say

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