Indian FT tells his countrymen to grab any first job offer in Singapore even if it pays less


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Indian FT Kamal Kumar wrote a blog describing his ordeal while hunting for a job in Singapore. He shared his lessons on a blog post entitled ‘How to get a job in Singapore from India?’, hoping to help other Indian nationals who also want to get a better career and higher salary jobs in Singapore.

Kamal started looking for jobs in Singapore because his wife had been relocated by her company to work in Singapore. He spent 1 month on vacation in Singapore looking for jobs.

“During that period, I was selected by 2 employers in SG but offered a salary that was lower than my expectation. So, I declined the offer. But that gave me the confidence that I can get job in SG without any problems,” he wrote.

He went back home, resigned and relocated to SG to become a full-time job seeker. As his wife is duly employed in Singapore, he can stay in Singapore on a Dependant Pass. Also people on such a pass can work in Singapore.

“I came here with expectations of getting an opportunity that was better than my Indian job. I was in manager position in the manufacturing industry in India,” he said.

During the first 2-3 months in his job search, he was offered jobs with lower salary than his job in India. He kept declining those offers and after 3-4 months, interview calls dropped and the tough time began.

Networking for Expats

During this period, to help him to network, he participated in activities organized by InterNations. This is an organization that plans activities for expats to help each other in a foreign land. No doubt, such activities would help job seekers like Kamal to network with other expats.

However, eventually he got a good offer from India and he decided to go back home to work. But in the process of looking for jobs in Singapore, he learned many lessons.

“During these tough times, I learnt many lessons that I would like to share with other Indians who are looking for jobs in Singapore,” he said.

Job portals, ST and HR consultants

“To start with your job search, there are lots of online job portals that provide lot of information such as,,,” he explained.

“Another important source is the main English language newspaper in Singapore, The Straits Times, publishes a ‘Classified Jobs’ and ‘Executive Appointments’ supplement every Saturday that lists a wide range of job opportunities. The online version of these job listings can be found in the ST701 portal.”

“Some companies hire recruitment agencies to help them find candidates. Some reputed recruitment agencies include GMP, Adecco, Kelly Services, Hudson, Michael Page, Robert Walters and Recruit Express.”

He also explained that job seekers can get help from a job consultant for free.

“You can hire consultants for resume services, career counseling and coaching services in SG to advise you on the right path. But the job consultants work for the company not for the candidates. They look for the right people for the job, not jobs for the people. You can contact recruitment consultants to discuss about the job opportunity,” he added.

Grab the first job offer even if it pays less

Kamal also lamented that he was wrong for being inflexible and rejecting job offers with lower salary.

“It is advisable to accept the first job even if it is lesser than your expectation,” he advised his fellow countrymen.

“It is important to first get your foot in the door. You should try to remain flexible and keep the options open. However, you should also keep cost of living in SG in mind before accepting any offer.”

“Be flexible, act smart, be ready to learn new things, expand your professional network and take right decision on right time.”

Despite going back to India, he still thinks Singapore is a great place to work.

He praised Singapore, “Singapore is (a) developed country with one of the most successful economies in the world.”

“SG is an attractive destination for Indians to work, as one can fulfill the dream of earning a salary in dollars while staying close to India.”

So, as the Sing Dollar rises, on doubt, more FTs will clamor to want to work in Singapore. And, with FTs willing to grab any job offers with lower salary, salaries for Singaporean PMETs will continue to be depressed.


  1. With the economy slowing down and our citizens of which many can’t get a job and still have to compete with foreigners i wonder what’s the government views and standpoint on this critical issue! Please act!!!!

    • Still don’t get it? This is an anti-local government. Chinese nationals say taiwan as a geographical entity is theirs and taiwanese can evacuate if they don’t want reunification. Same here. Singaporeans can move out to make space for all the foeigners the PAP loves and believes can generate boundless income for it.

    • Aiyoh u still dreamin ? They dun F care lah. All they care is to massively import these rapists to quickly convert to new Shitizens for GE2020. These 2 headed snakes aka rapists are knwn to be epic PLPs !

    • Please,act???? Why should?
      All the permit holders pay levy. CPF I have to account for and refund. Levy no need to account and I can invest and loose.
      When the FT is converted to New Citizen my hold onto power is guaranteed.
      Lower standard lower productivity we can point at someone and remove him during election time and claim credit for making unpopular decisions.
      We don’t need you we prefer new citizens. Win win for us.

  2. Yup. We are a 3rd world. Low skill Low productivity and Low skills to fill PMET position. Singaporeans u are so dumb and stupid 70% u voted for 3rd world when we are at 1st world. ‍♂️

    • And they dare to tell true blue to drive Uber instead…


      Loong ah Loong… …

      Is this what u want when u first step into PMO as PM?

      What about the next?

      200 candidates is nothing.


  3. Currently working in an environment full of these people overseas. All I can say is that a leopard never changes it’s spot. Fake qualification with no real life experience.


  5. Power-hungry….. Some have fake degrees, some FT managers treat you like sh*t. Some don’t even want to know our culture. Some are so clique-ish among their own kind. Tell me how these FT can integrate with Singaporeans?? End up out true blue Singaporean PMETs have do security, drive grab or uber to earn a living. Sounds familiar right?

  6. The government has opened the floodgates so there’s very little that Singaporeans can do except to take on the competition to the best that they can. When 2 parties (Singaporeans / foreigners) head on, the ones standing and laughing are the bosses. Of course, that will include the ones who colluded ie government. So take them on or go overseas and use this “Grab any 1st job offer even if it pays less” tactic in those countries!

  7. Very interesting conversation i had with a Indian Foreigner who was brought in by his manager. He mentioned they had to conduct a dummy interview with Singaporeans so that he could be hired.

  8. They are just doing what we did in the past when we flocked overseas to look for better life..
    Just because we are Singaporeans does not means companies owe us a living to hire us.. stay competitive is the only way we can survive.. study.. take a new skill.. don’t expect high pay unless u are head hunted…

    Winter already came.. time to wise up or become one of the undead.

  9. What is the point of this article? The caption you wrote, warning that things might get worse if more foreigners start accepting low paying jobs, is clearly at odds with what the FT is saying in his blog post; there is little to no relation. You are deliberately drawing quite a big leap in logic and assuming that just because a single Indian foreign salaryman is advising his fellow citizens to accept lower paying jobs in our country, that ALL foreigners will start accepting low paying jobs and depressing salaries. This is obviously your own prejudiced opinion, illogical, lacking evidence, inflammatory, and I argue, deliberate fear-mongering used to play on xenophibic sentiments against foreigners amongst Singaporeans in order to generate more views. It’s disgusting. I would like to point out that the man who wrote this himself also pointed out that foreigners, too have to contend with Singapore’s high cost of living, that he himself rejected many jobs which offered low salaries and that there are higher paying jobs in India, and that the advice he’s giving is the same given to anyone thinking of moving to an expensive country across the world. This article is full of holes, full of shit, and needs to decide if what it wants to be is an opinion or an opinion dressed up as a report. I think that using your power as an independent news organisation for this purpose is disappointing, making you no better than the Strait’s times–sure, you report news independently of the government, but now you only serve a different master. Your own pocket.

  10. MOM screen for fake qualifications; no body else has the facilities to do better.
    They take jobs where Singaporeans are not available; construction workers, those that need to climb heights like tree pruning and the like.
    PMET the employers favour those who make the most money for the company no matter what nationalities they are.
    Above are my observations

  11. Give them sword and knives, give local sinkies penknife, cut each other, who benefit? Come and steal our lunches because sinkies are easily bully n useless. Open up and get screwed. NB.
    Now lets welcome their navy too.

  12. Had interviewed some of these Ann’s they willing to work as low as $1.8K. Seriously, I doubt most of their skillset. However, you can probably get 1 or 2 better ones out of 20.

  13. This has been going on even b4 GE2015 and yet they are still in the driver seat.Many complain but when the time comes for them at the ballot boxes,the answer is the same.The PAPs lies and empty promises has be going on for so long that it seems word from them is hypnotic.And dont give reason of no credible opposition.That is full of BS.Its a 5yr term but the fear the PAP puts on people still lingers.This has to stop.We need to take back our source of income.The current policies the PAP layout does not benefits Sgrean except a few whom wear whites.

  14. Many years ago, I spoke to some band members in a Philippines pub. They told me only the 2nd/3rd grade bands go overseas coz they can’t compete locally! Only the best remain in the country. It was the same when I spoke to some salesppl in SK & Jpn. Only the best remain in HQ.

  15. We should stop the issuing of ‘dependent passes’ (and the ’employment previleges’ that are come with this status) to the spouses of foreigners working in Spore. Personally feel this is a convenient avenue for more of them getting employed over here and displacing Singaporeans from their jobs.

  16. Even if we don’t bring in FT, our PMET coming from a tiny red dot economy is overpriced for markets outside Singapore. That is why Singaporeans don’t rise to the TOP of large MNCs the way Indians do. Because we want a good place to live, money for our loans, etc. Are you so sure our economy will continue to tick the way it is ? Maybe not in 10 years time by which then you are too old to switch away or move away. Will our port be diminished by Artic routes ? Will our airport be displaced by Beijing Airport ? Come on ! The Journalists in this websites are so micro thinking.

  17. “During the first 2-3 months in his job search, he was offered jobs with lower salary than his job in India. He kept declining those offers and after 3-4 months, interview calls dropped and the tough time began.”

    Can we have cost of living lower than India? Think our ministries need to manage the expectations of employers here to ensure reasonable salaries are given. And don’t get me started on how foreigners are really exploited here.

  18. So the gate is still open for them? Yet Filipinos who were going from the F&B sector were denied work in Singapore … why the unfair allocation ? These guys can’t be better than our local graduates whose universities rank way way higher than them ….

  19. When the job priority is for the local first then consider the foreigners work secondly as well it will be GD. If the foreigner willing to set up business in local it will be best.

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