Indian denial does not stop reports on Mauritius snap polls

By A.F in Kuala Lumpur

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a gathering during the India-UK Tech Summit in New Delhi, India, November 7, 2016. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi - RTX2S8RX

Despite an Indian High Commission denial of a report recently published by, the news of an upcoming snap poll in Mauritius is not dying out.

Sources said the snap poll might take place between June and December this year and it is part of the Indian government’s plan to secure its ‘investments’ in the tiny Island republic in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Highcomission issued a denial on the article published by regarding a survey on the Mauritian political landscape.

The Indian High commission said that: “It is clarified that the report is false and baseless.”

According to our own sources in Port Louis, the survey was carried out by an Indian intelligence agency.

Worldfuturetv did not mention the agency’s name due to sensitivity, and the Independent is also unable to release the name of the agency for security reasons.

In the meantime, WorldfutureTv published another article in which it said New Delhi definitely want a regime change in Mauritius, citing India’s worry about the amount of corruption and the number of scandals breaking out in Mauritius and involving the ruling party in Port Louis.

WorldfutureTv insist the survey is real, and the results reported by the portal is correct.

The story made the rounds in all political circles in Port Louis and was reprinted in most the local papers in mauritius, sparking widespread debate on the role of india in the country’s pollitics.

It also raised the spectre of a weak government ruling the country at a time when the economy is dwindling and no solutions imposed by the current government seem to be working.

According to our sources in Port Louis, despite the denial of the Indian high commission, word is going around in almost every corner in Mauritius that India has commissioned a survey that shows the current regime of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has lost his cloud and popularity.

The Mauritius official television station MBC TV made a statement saying WorldfutureTv is not an Indian media and it is run by one Kazi Mahmood and the website is based in Malaysia.

Many Mauritian citizens believe that Indian Prime Minister Modi is doing the right thing in helping Mauritius, but some believe India should not meddle in the local political affairs of the country.