Today’s newspapers reported that The Independent Singapore (TISG) was asked to register under the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification In July this year. There was no mention of what has happened since.  
hqdefaultTo fill the gap, TISG is setting out this sequence of events:

July 29: TISG is asked to attend a meeting with the Media Development Authority and given a set of forms to fill.
Aug 6: The forms are filled, signed, notarised and about to be dispatched when TISG receives a call from MDA saying a new set of forms will be sent.
Nov 14: TISG receives the new forms. TISG is studying the new set of forms, which are different in scope from the earlier ones.
Nov 25: TISG asks for more time to study the new forms; MDA agrees to the request.

TISG sends the signed and notarised copy of the earlier set of forms to MDA. This is to demonstrate that TISG’s position, as set out in its shareholders’ agreement on April 19, remains: that it does not accept foreign funding.