Inconsiderate MRT commuter refused to move toddler’s legs and prevented use of reserved seat


Facebook user Whing Jenny shared a picture of an inconsiderate commuter in the MRT yesterday (15 May). The picture showed a woman holding a toddler on her lap, but the toddler’s legs and a bag were on an empty seat. The seat where the toddler’s legs were on, is one reserved for pregnant women, elderly and disabled persons. It is unclear when or where the incident happened, but the picture showed that some commuters were standing in the train.

Jenny said that she asked the mother if she would remove the child’s leg so that she could sit, but the woman declined to do so.

“She told me that her son’s legs would remain as they were and I should accept that with whatever disturbance that came with it if I still wanted to sit,” Jenny said. Jenny added that she was disturbed that the inconsiderate mother was depriving a senior citizen of the right of sitting in a reserved seat.

Jenny’s post is trending with over 500 shares. Several who commented on her post suggested that the mother was not a local and that the picture should be widely shared so that the unacceptable behaviour is condemned.

Some others speculated that the man sitting next to the woman is her husband and chided him for keeping quiet.