Incensed netizens condemn high ministerial salaries as PM Lee confirms impending tax hike


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s confirmation that higher taxes are inevitable to counter increased spending has earned the ire of netizens who are calling on the head of government to cut high ministerial salaries before resorting to a tax hike.

PM Lee confirmed the tax hike while speaking at the PAP Convention 2017 yesterday morning, where he stressed that it is a matter of when and not whether taxes will be increased.

Interestingly, when claims that the government would raise taxes erupted in 2015, a month before that year’s General Election, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) was quick to refute the claims, saying that they had no basis.

Posting a statement on the matter online, MOF reiterated Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s earlier assertion that increased spending planned for the rest of the decade is sufficiently provided for by measures that the Government had already taken.

Speaking at the party conference, PM Lee said that as spending rises, the government must “stretch our dollars, and make every dollar count.”

Asserting that there is enough revenue for this current term of government, the PM indicated that the government and the people must bear the cost of increased spending for the sake of the next generation.

Netizens weren’t swayed by the PM’s reasons explaining the tax hike and called on him to slash the high salaries ministers draw, instead of pushing the financial burden of increased spending to the people:

Besides spending on infrastructure, economy and healthcare, one of the major projects the government is expected to spend heavily on is the MRT network expansion project. More than $20 billion dollars will be plugged into this project which will take about 5 years to complete.

The new Terminal 5 at Changi Airport which also cost “tens of billions of dollars,” according to an earlier statement by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat.

PM Lee on investing in Singapore's future

Raising taxes in Singapore "not a matter of whether, but when", but Government will explain what the money is needed for and how it will benefit everyone, says PM Lee Hsien Loong at the People's Action Party convention.

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Sunday, 19 November 2017

Tax hike is inevitable: PM Lee confirms


    • Yes and with a voracious appetite to extort from us. The incompetent PM needs to have so many useless ministers in the PMO and pay useless ministers salaries that is out of this world.
      It is unreal. Singaporeans are a living resource to help make the PAP ministers live in a make believe world.
      PAP has squandered all our hard earned money by paying useless idiots stratospheric salaries and it all comes from us.
      The civil service is bloated with all yes men and costs us too much.
      It is time to stop all this.
      Better vote for the sake of our next generation. Please be a more thinking and responsible people.
      Vote them out.

    • Dun need to be in a forested jungle to be sucked by leeches …. our urban modern 1st world ctry itself has a big leech constantly seeking ways n means of sucking our blood dry..

    • Take is OK… But take and take and take yet cannot perform but offer excuses which are not even logical is ridiculous…


  1. Come on, you ppl want improvement in mrt, transportation, this & that… Where do you expect the gov of the day to get the moolah.. So, to please always complaining culture… The pee m of the day had no other choice but to get added revenue from tax hikes, to improve transportation services namely the mrt… So be it, afterall.. Its only for the gen masses benefit⚓

  2. Country so small and yet they need 5 airport terminals! I am not surprised T6 is already on the drawing board. Cut the bloody salaries of the ministers first then come and talk! Making our blood boil only! This country is going downhill!

    • I agree. Why does a small country like ours need 5 airport terminals? Why do we need to expend the MRT when we can’t already cope with the one we have? All this expansion due to population expansion. Send 1/2 of them FT home. Cut MPs wages by 1/2. Sack Ho Ching, PM, transport minister. Then we talk. With all the increase in tariffs recently, the people can’t be made to cough up more
      Money when salaries are not inflated!!

    • Spending money on the the fifth terminal is both nation building and commercial reasons IMHO. I am not pro-government and some of their policies are in question to me as well. However as thinking adults, shall we look at the bigger picture?

      Nation Building:
      Without our Government spending $ on T5, our construction industry will be almost dead. Building new infrastructure like The Gem at T1 also creates employment and reduce human traffic to head to the already congested city. How many cities in the world actually has a huge shopping mall next to the airport?

      Having a retail mall will promote spending. If anyone has head to T3 on Fridays and weekends, you might encounter high traffic of non tourists spending time there. The B1 Starbucks and Food court are always crowded. There are childcare centres at T1 and T2 for people working at the airport or near the airport and enrolment have always been full.

      Without our government or its ministries spending money to build these facilities, there will be no growth and the airports will not be able to handle the demands for future expansion. That to say, no jobs will be created for construction, retail, education, travel related industries.

    • Totally agree with your comments about facilities going high tech. However we will still need qualified people to maintain it, people with a higher studies who can understand the complex systems. Am sure us tech savvy and highly educated Singaporeans are able to manage it.

      However for service related industries, you cannot replace with robots, even robots also need technicians to take care. So there are still job opportunities. Unless AI aka Artificial Intelligence has improved leaps and bounds, we might see a change.

      Investments in development of AI have to come from the government coffers as well.

  3. Before this, they already increase everything, so now tax hike which is most likely GST. Then it is double whammy on those already increased cost. Tell us where our reserve has gone to before asking us for new money. Coffer empty due to investment failures?!!! Spore is already the most expensive city in the world and pinkie wants to make it more expensive?? 70% of the blind voters thanks for your reckless voting that has landed us in this situation and this clown has another 3 years to play us without any challenge. Big thank you.

  4. Need to increase tax due to increase spending such as mrt and terminal 5 or even 6. We r such a small country. Do we need terminal 5? Talk about mrt. Since the last election more breakdown not mrt n even recently mrt crash. What use of mrt extension when one can’t even resolve the problem of mrt breakdown. I suspect soon govt announce more losses in gic n temasek again. R we as citizen hear the cost of their mistake. Maybe take a step backwards. Minister including president take a pay cut of 40% or more n use the money to their so call increase spending. Before they want more money from our taxes.

    • We should introduce a CAP on ministerial salaries. Max of 5 times of Per Capita Income.

      Don’t talk about having high salaries to combat corruption. That’s pure rubbish. If you don’t have a heart to serve the nation, or you require a high financial remuneration to serve, then you don’t belong. During LKY days, we could still accept it because HE GOT THINGS DONE. These days, it’s like an accepted and justified NORM to pay millions for GROSS INCOMPETENCY.

      It’s time we make a positive change to this country. Having these clowns in power will only hasten the downfall of the country

    • Exactly. But well, nothing much can be done. They have the majority in Parliament, they can increase taxes by 50%, we also lan lan. Because they have so many YES MEN in Parliament, they have the majority vote.

      Which is why we need to stop voting clowns in, and bring more opposition members in. So that they cannot suka suka pass any laws by virtue of majority vote.

      I have a feeling that sooner or later, your CPF withdrawal age will be raised to 70, 72, then 75, then one day it will no longer be yours…

  5. All talk no action…cut high pay first…why only get the people to pay more taxes whilst ministers and civil servants continue to have rocket high pay…show good example..
    Not just talk the walk but walk the walk too…

  6. Whenever they wanted to raise taxes and charges ,they asked people to bear with them, for the well-being of the next generations. This has been the case for each and every term of government over the last 50,60 years.Just wonder who were , or are the next generations?How were they benefited from the increases?

  7. Let’s get it right. Is the tax revenue for use to benefit citizens?
    Talking about tax, it’s so easy for CPFB or whatever to dictate self employed must contribute to Medisave; can taxpayer declare MS contribution as deductibles?
    Anybody noticed the subsidies for MSL seemed to be lesser?

  8. Budget after budget we have accumulated so much surplus, where does the money goes? Explain first before increasing taxes. The faking 70% is the ultimate goondu which have put us in this situation, told them all this white bastard cannot be trusted, but never listen

  9. Was $65 Million was spent on a Private Jet for PM overseas travel? Was the purchase made via a Government linked company to avoid have the purchase approved in Parliament? LKY would not have resorted to traveling in style. And now we have to pay higher taxes to pay for the Private Jet?

  10. Talking rubbish!!!! We are overpaying for incompetency!!!! The time has come to look reality in the face and act accordingly and with conviction: this bunch of ministers and their staff don’t deserve their high salaries!!!!!

  11. no need to increase taxes. Cut 20% of number of overpaid deadwood in the whole machinery and cut ministerial/MP/PS/superscale pay by 10% – more than enough to cover social spending.

  12. I’m good with a tax hike so long as it is meted out according to earnings and more importantly, to foreigners who benefit from Singaporean’s initial investments in money, blood, sweat and tears for the existing physical and economic infrastructure they are attracted to.

  13. After you as our PM, our life is getting miserable. Standard of living is deteriorating. Expenses rose yearly and every Singaporean felt the heat. I really hope you can be replaced by someone who is more capable to do your job.

  14. As yhe name and pay all throughout our poor lives..greed has taken over when once they were the champions of its citizens…i really pity our next gens..

  15. Problem is that they mismanage the country funds leading to this sorry state of affairs. Imagine if the majority of incompetent foreign talents were to given back to locals the unemployment problem would be solved.

  16. Tax hikes seems like the easiest solution when it comes to increased social spending. They should taken a more aggressive stance to address root issues like an aging population years ago rather than have taken a short term view of importing foreigners in to boost term growth while kicking the can down the road. From a fiscal perspective Singapore is in good shape with budget surpluses yearly almost a given with the conservative nature of spending on social development. Alot of the issues today are a result of poor planning or oversight even when we have the best paid government and civil service in the world. A dearth of ideas or an unwillingness to innovate is also a consequence of the high salaries drawn as the risk of jeopardizing their own careers by being a maverick is discouraged. Hence, we are getting very poor value for money for the people we have in government who not only lack ideas but also poor accountability when it comes to ownership of issues.

  17. After go cashless to tax hawkers , taxi drivers, grab, uber drivers not enough want to increase taxes. HELL WAITING FOR THE GREEDY WHITE TERMITES INVOLVE IN THESE SCHEMING. ALMOST GO TO HELL BEFORE STILL DEFIANT!

  18. 70% dumb supporters will forever will just wipe their asses unless they realised how dirty it is and cannot just simply wipe it clean by using toilet papers. So just bears with it. Hopefully majority can pass on peacefully when time up. Not to die standing.

  19. … its about time some accountability to the citizens is needed. Ownself check ownself is not good enough Why would the citizens pay for their exorbitant salaries through higher taxes? They did not earn it.

  20. already hint GST hike, just like Sugar Tax, hint “fight diabetes” then push for it. Once hinted, as good as implement. They have the political capital to burn, 70%. Kumgongkia dunno what big mandate means, this is what you get, anything can push tru, from reserved election to water 30% hike to GST Flipflop no increase.

  21. All thanks to the wonderful 70% that gives PAP license to spit venom and poison as and when of a time they choose to inflict most pain.
    If I can, eliminate the 70 % first, who is the core of all SG problems.

  22. Start cutting with the high salaries of these ministers first. The common people already has not much left to give and many more are jobless. Raise taxes?!? Why not rob the citizen??

  23. this is same old tactic of giving you $1 and taking back $10 back in future. The other analogy is giving you a single chicken wing and collecting a whole chicken back by other means in the future.

  24. Increase increase, wtf is all they can do? any monkees also can, walk around any neighborhoods coffee shops,food centres,shops all quiet as night, many without jobs and their pay are stagnant, got jobs worried about the axes…it really depressed and bleak.

  25. Enjoying the mandate of 70%, massive water hike, PE rules changed just before a PE, GST, Sugar Tax, Lift so many incident all TC get Green rating instead etc.

  26. Yes yes increase all u want but who money not yours. Talk so big but what good have u achieved so far after your father’s passing besides making one mistake after another. Your wife is also no any better. Looks like “birds of a feather flock together.

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