In a xenophobic rant against black 60-year-old Uber driver, ex-NSP chief faults government policies


Lim Tean, the former chief of the National Solidarity Party and lawyer has faulted the government’s immigration policies for a customer’s unhappy experience with a Uber driver.

In the video, which is circulated in several social media platforms, an unidentified customer can be heard complaining that the Uber driver does not know the direction to the customer’s destination. The driver looks to be black and spoke with a foreign accent. He can be heard saying that he is 60 years old.

The customer questions the Uber driver’s credentials and disputes the driver’s claims that he had in been in Singapore for a considerable period of time. The customer suggested that the day of the incident could be the second day the Uber driver arrived in Singapore – to which the driver replied in frustration that he had been in the country for just a day.

Mr Lim suggests that the Uber driver might be a Nigerian, and asks if “this (is) the new normal in our country where we hang up “Welcome” signs to foreigners to find work”.

Calling the hiring of a black Uber driver “outrageous and sad”, the political activist drew reference to the recent German election.

In the recently concluded German election, a far-right political party won seats in the German parliament for the first time in half a century. The anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party became the third biggest winner in that election, slicing German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s majority in Parliament.

***************** This is Outrageous ! **************I have just seen a video ( see above ) of a 60 year old African…

Posted by Tean Lim on Monday, 25 September 2017

A simple check with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) would have showed to Mr Lim, a lawyer, that it is impossible for a foreigner who had been in Singapore for just a day to qualify for a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL), unless he was hired by a company to provide chauffeured services.

source: Land Transport Authority


  1. for allowing illegal drivers, both the car owner and uber must be fined. and the car must be confiscated.
    the driver is not qualified, and there is no insurance coverage. what is lta doing? lazing and sleeping, as usual.

    • Andrew this is definitely not racist issue , it’s about allowing a foreigner who knows next to nothing about the roads in Singapore driving for Uber !
      Where are the checks and balance here with the party that was voted in by 80% of the electorate during the last election or is it the usual OWNSELF CHECK OWNSELF scenario again !

  2. As if spoiling the livelihood of cabbies are not enough, uber and grab are making it worse. To those who think of flaming, think, if its your own family or relatives driving cab, would you still say what you wanna say, or otherwise, sigh….

    • This is how public discourse is curtailed, the label maker quickly appears. If curiosity and questioning is quickly labeled as phobic, then forget civil discourse.

      Perhaps TISG considers questioning how a transient visitor is able to secure an PHVL designated vehicle a disproportionate response to the situation? I hardly think curiosity and questioning deserves a clinical diagnosis?

      Anyway, label away if it helps you sleep better TISG. Perhaps another label that needs consideration is if you are indeed an alternative media source or another partisan mouthpiece.

    • Mohd Ihsan The “most indigenous” people aka the Orang Laut have mostly moved on to neighbouring countries and only a few remained here. So if you really wanna talk about “immigrants” then technically everyone is an immigrant unless you have orange laut ancestry.

    • Mohd Ihsan they are malays but not every malay comes from orang laut ancestry, even the malays themselves were immigrants coming from the then malay archipelago e.g java, sumatra. everyone is an immigrant but the difference is these people we now call Singaporeans (malays, chinese, indians, eurasians and a minority of other races) have settled down here and have at least 3 generations of ancestry roots in Singapore. Now look at the current batch of immigrants and how many generations of their ancestors lived in Singapore?

    • Masaki Kato does it matter? Abused the current batch of immigrants and only accept their grandchildren? You ok or not? They have the right to be where they want. Work where they want and raise their family where they want just as much as your ancestors did.

    • Mohd Ihsan Never did say they don’t have the right to be here. If you were able to understand my point, it’s you laying claim that everyone other than malays are immigrants to Singapore. In your own words everyone has the right to be where they want and work where they want. So please do not contradict yourself. It seems your hate is fueled towards the Chinese community in Singapore.

    • Masaki Kato my comment was for the xenophobe up there, no where did it even show that it fuel hatred towards chinese when even my wife is chinese. I was refering to someone who was a product of immigration but he himself is a xenophobe which is ironic. That was the point you didnt get at all. Of course you straightaway came out with your racist stereotype of malays.

    • Mohd Ihsan LMAO you make it sound as if being a part of Malaysia is a paradise scenario or your idea of a panacea to all your problems. If the British never colonized the Malaysia region and as a result opened Malaysia region to the settlers, it would still be a swamp. Anyway after that they really didn’t do much except siphon money back to Britain. The role of the Brits in the annals of history is largely credited as public administrators. It was the immigrants who built the place everywhere, the colonial overlords were thieves more than anything.

    • 黃益明 and where did i even say i hate chinese when i merely pointed out he himself is product of immigration. you obviously cant tell the differences between hate and actual historical facts

    • You are right Mohd Ihsan. This is a correct observation said by an Indian friend from Malaysia.

      The thing now is this place has changed from colony to country so the descendants of immigrants has become sons of the land as well. As we welcome people to contribute we should also make greater effort to protect those who called this place home and can’t move.

      So yes calling out those people who are descendants is your right but also remember they are also defending their home like you.


    • Well i agree with you to a certain sense, there’ll be no jobs to steal from Singaporeans if we are not lazy and complacent. Always looking to the system or someone else to make your life better and the way you want it rather than going out to make it yourself. No wonder competitive and ‘hungry’ immigrants and FT yearning for a better life are kicking some Singaporeans to the curb.

    • The indigenous of the land took the land from the earlier indigenous of land, the orang asli. So how? We kick the indigenous and reinstall the orang asli. So which race the orang asli replaced? There is no end. Maybe we should returned the earth to apes n mamals?

  3. What opposition is saying is what is that African guy doing here driving Uber n that too with no knowledge of the country. Isnt that looks like job taken away ? Nothing more racist than whats happening here.

  4. Why??? A lot of Indian students come from India to study hospitality diploma in Singapore for 6mths and work as interns for 6mths , later they easily apply to work in Singapore under S pass… there is a major loopholes created that allows them to work part time at night in almost all night time coffee shops or roti prata houses illegal in singapore Chinatown, Serangoon road restaurant kitchens etc, while they studying here. They cannot afford to pay rent yet they still can study here ???? I doubts as S pass holder where the employers can pay $700 levy and salary of $2700 meaning total cost of employee S pass holder $3400 per mth salary cannot get a local workers to work ? There could be a cash back scheme behind the scene that is creating a distortion in employment in Singapore ??

  5. This black man must be a tourist and drive Uber to cover his expenses. Both Uber and him should be investigated for not familiar with the roads and endangering passengers lives and road users. I am amazed this happened right here.

  6. U still want to trust this govt? It’s at your own risk, actually not really you are putting all Singaporeans at risk. Those who voted for foreigners employment and local unemployment, you and your family should suffer the worst end of being a traitor for our own country.

  7. If Singaporean are to STOP highlighting there are plenty of jobs and women here, maybe the foreigners will stop coming!

    What you see as a problem, others see as an opportunity!

    Imagine how a foreigner will interpret the news when Singaporeans keep mentioning “They come here and take away our jobs and women”?
    To some foreigners it simply mean there are lots of jobs and women up for grabs!

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