Illegal PRC taxi drivers cause trouble in paradise Mauritius


Trouble is brewing in paradise thanks to illegal Chinese taxi drivers.

This is a story that has been making the rounds over the years in Mauritius: That of taxi marons – or illegal taxis.

But Mauritian taxi operators are aghast that Chinese factory workers are now the prefered taximen for Chinese tourists.

Speaking to WFTV, a local tour operator is saying there are lot of Chinese working as skill workers in Mauritius who are also acting as taxi drivers.

“They know mandarin and they are doing taxi service using private cars.

“This is in direct competition with hotel taxis. As skill workers, why are they working in the tourism secto?.

“There are a few Chinese tour operators in Mauritius they are making these workers leave their jobs to become drives and guides,” Girish Dev Ramgoolam says.

However, he believes this situation is killing his business, but the authorities are unable to solve the problem.

Nevertheless, he blames the relative inaction by the authorities to a corrupt system.

WFTV looked into the story after watching a video on Asraf ali Ramdin‘s facebook post.

Asraf is also a taxi operator like Girish and they both feel it is time for the authorities to come up with a final solution.

Girish says there the expats in Mauritius are having too close and strong connections with officials in the various departments. Thus, it makes the situation difficult for the locals.

He says it is either the Immigration office or B.O.I. Board of investment of Mauritius that aresupposed to address the problem.


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