Asia Ice bucket challenge is so yesterday, cockroach selfies now the latest trend

Ice bucket challenge is so yesterday, cockroach selfies now the latest trend




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Internet challenges are unfathomable occurrences. You just cannot determine which ones will go viral or which ones will flop. From the ice bucket challenge, to the running man challenge, and even to the Kiki challenge, these internet trends have taken the world by storm.

New to the list is something not everyone can partake in – the cockroach selfie or the “Cockroach Challenge.”

On April 20, member of the public Alex Aung posted the following in his Facebook account.

Photo: Facebook screengrab/ Alex Aung

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The caption read, “new challenge. Can you do this?”

Now with over 18,000 shares and 5,700 reactions, the cockroach selfie has become a thing on the internet.

Apparently, a handful also stepped up to the challenge and posted their selfies with the roaches.

Facebook user Kevin Dalisay Recio posted his photos with the insect and received a lot of shocked responses from netizens. Some wanted to know if it was real, to which Kevin replied that it was and the insect even omitted a foul smell and had sticky legs.

Photo: Facebook screengrab/ Kevin Dalisay Recio

We also have the following selfies to glance through (or not).

Photo: Facebook screengrab/
Hnin Wai Wai Moe

There’s also this guy with what look like huge Madagascar hissing cockroaches. He only needs two more to complete the gauntlet.

Photo: Facebook screengrab/ Myat Htoo Naung

This lady took it to the next level and posed for her selfie with eight American cockroaches.

Photo: Facebook screengrab/ VIBES

Here’s to hoping the next challenge comes sooner. /TISG

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