ICA officer charged with corruption for accepting bribes

(PHOTO: Sidik Bin Ahmat's Panoramio)

An Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) sergeant was charged with seven counts of corruption in court yesterday (Sept 20).

Catherine Lim Zhi Yin, 26, is accused of accepting or agreeing to accept $1,680 from Singaporean Raymond Lim Boon Ian in exchange for granting 30-day social visit passes to 28 Thai women.

The offences took place between December 2014 and February 2015.

Raymond Lim was sentenced to eight months’ jail for corruption on Apr 24.

Responding to media queries, ICA said that Catherine Lim has been interdicted from service since March 7, 2015.

When this case surfaced through ICA’s internal checks and investigations, the agency had worked closely with the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

“ICA takes a serious view of errant officers. As guardians of Singapore’s checkpoints, ICA officers are expected to discharge their duties professionally and maintain a high standard of integrity. Officers who break the law will be dealt with, in accordance with the law,” it added.

Lim is currently out on bail and will be back in court on Oct 12.

If convicted, she can be jailed for up to five years and fined up to S$100,000 for each charge.


  1. ICA have not paid their officers high salaries so they can be bribed. The home minister should just paid himself high salary, his officers should be paid high salaries too.

  2. Not only ICA takes a serious view of such errant provisions, I also say how come you can employ such a low quality corruptor. Yet your job advert very high academic and experienced type. It shows the offender need financial help…rather paltry that ica has no help staff counter? Other staff also not enough to lend. That means underpay , must increase like G to avoid corruption. But G practising only on their high end. Cham! Like that all go jail n let G do their job. such ica jobs very very important, as national security at risk. Wonder how many have slipped through?

  3. Wonder how come the white termite gang never do what they preach ! ; And , that is pay enough high salary to ICA officers to prevent them from turning corrupt gov. officers !!!
    Let’s do good let’s do together mah!!!
    Pay ICA officers 6K per month basic and night shift allowance of additional 1.5K to the basic pay plus 6months bonus on top of the 13month pay !!! By the white termite’s tenet of paying high salary to prevent corruption , 100% guarantee no more corruption at ICA ! No????

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