ICA officer abused his power to make unauthorised checks on foreign women

Photo: TODAY

An Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) inspector abused his position and performed unauthorised checks on foreign women entering the country, because he allegedly wanted to make friends.

The officer, 31-year-old Yeo Kian Boon, received a fine of $29,000 after he pleaded guilty to six counts of performing such checks and one count of abetting a coworker to do the same, in court yesterday. 16 other charges were considered, as well.

Yeo is no longer employed with the ICA after he was busted for the offences. He had been working as an ICA  team leader at Changi Airport Terminal 1 (T1) where he abused his access to computer systems that were only supposed to be used for work purposes.

Yeo was caught after he tried calling one of the women he had made unauthorised checks on when she came through the T1 arrival hall while he was on duty. Yeo added the woman, a Thai national, added her on a messaging app and began calling her.

The woman rejected Yeo’s calls but made a video call to his number on 22 Dec to find out who the man calling her was. When the woman saw Yeo’s face, she was surprised to find that Yeo was the officer who cleared her at the airport.

The woman alerted her Singaporean boyfriend and subsequently contacted the ICA to lodge a complaint.

Yeo’s defense team argued that their client’s intentions were “naive and innocent.” Defense lawyers representing Yeo added that the ICA gave Yeo a warning in lieu of prosecution and that their client has since left the organisation.

The ICA commented on the case in a media statement: “We take a serious view of errant officers and those who break the law will be dealt with in a firm and fair manner, in accordance with the law.”


  1. “We take a serious view of errant officers and those who break the law will be dealt with in a firm and fair manner, in accordance with the law.”

    Sorry, don’t trust u guys! Words are cheap!

  2. Over the media was talking about the ICA authority performing an unauthorized check on foreign entering Singapore. And how about those higher ranking personals such as PM , President , Law Minister , Foreign Minister and other related governance agencies FAILED in their Sworn and responsible duty in Parliament to respond nor reply our letter and or email?A standard International practise once a Governance department and their agencies received members of public letter / email they have to respond in 14 days. Anyone willing to comment and or assist?
    Harun Aminurasyid

  3. Monkey see monkey do …..double tongued snake head do single tongued snake follow so ……also heard of incident where small fry imi officer(snake) at check point found a single tube of chewing gum on a Singaporean and showoff their “power ” by taking the person to the office , throwing the gum into the dustbin and at the same time showing off a irritating sadistic smile ! thats how idiotic and unprofessional this imi officers are trained to follow their snake head’s doing !!! nahbeh! wonder how these idiotic imi officers gotten to be trained to be so unprofessional!! just citing one if the many rotten outfits under the double tongued snake head !!!!

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