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Hundreds Gather to Protest EU Policies and Urge Sweden to Leave the Bloc




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On Friday, February 9, hundreds took to the streets in Gothenburg, Sweden, in protest of the policies that the EU has adopted. There was also a growing call for Sweden to break away from the bloc. This occurred at the same time as the EU Summit was ending, and protesters called their mass action the “Alternative EU Summit.”

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker; the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk; and French President Emmanuel Macron were all present at the EU Summit.

In spite of severely cold winter weather, hundreds of people came to Gustaf Adolf Square to speak up against the EU for taking Swedish jobs, as well as power, away from citizens.

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The Vice President of the No to the EU movement of Sweden, Per Hernmar, gave voice to the growing sentiment against the EU’s policies among Swedish citizens, saying “The leaders met in Sweden this week to write meaningless declarations, and all they have done is enforce privatization and increase poverty and inequality.”

He also said, “If there is anyone who should be worried, it is the EU leadership – and they are terrified!

Mr. Hernmar also revealed an anti-EU manifesto during the protest rally.

A representative of the Norwegian No to EU group, Matilda Brinck Larsen, exhorted the attendees to contend for a Nordic bloc, that is, for Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden to form their own union apart from the EU.

The protestors pushed for a change of direction for EU policies, which according to them, represents the interests for big businesses and banks all over the world. Maruska Mileta, a rallyist from Croatia, reminded everyone that power lies in the hands of people, and not in bureaucrats who were not elected into office.

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