Humongous Crocodile Spotted Near Sembawang


Facebook user Ng Ham Wei has posted a video of a huge crocodile swimming in the waters off the Sembawang Coast, near the Johor-Singapore Causeway. The massive reptile was filmed from a distance swimming near a boat and appeared unperturbed as the boat sped across the waters.

The footage, captured by Ng’s coast guard friend, serves as a stark warning for fishing enthusiasts and anglers who flock to the Sembawang jetties to proceed with caution.

Guys be careful when fishing near sembawang and causeway area this video is from one of my slibings friends that was working as a coast guard…

Posted by Ng Ham Wei on Saturday, 8 July 2017

Sightings of crocodiles in Singapore waters have been fairly common recently. Saltwater crocodiles, like the ones in the island’s North Coast, are the largest of all living reptiles and the world’s largest predator.



  1. Leave the real crocs in their habitats lah..the only crocs you need to get rid is the head of croc always wearing pinky..after that the other crocs will go find new habitat.

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