How would Najib handle an opposition with Mahathir as leader in Parliament?


A poll conducted last month showed a surprisingly close race is expected in Malaysia’s upcoming 14th General Elections (GE14). The poll was conducted by the University Malaya (UM).

The poll said 18 percent of voters want Mahathir, while 21 percent support Najib.

It said the PM has curried favor with voters with measures tax cuts and ditching highways tolls.

But even if Najib were to win the elections, he would have a hard time handling Mahathir Mohamad who might make it to the Parliament.

And if he is elected – which might be the case – then Mahathir would certainly be the leader of the Opposition in Parliament, a situation that would put PM Najib in a tight spot.

The influence Mahathir would have on some of the MP’s would be devastating to the BN altogether. The experience of the elderly political figure will not pass unnoticed.

Many of the BN MP’s and Ministers are not of the calibre to withstand the onslaught that Mahathir would prepare for them if he survives the elections and sits in Parliament as a representative of the people.