How can anyone make any meaningful comparison of our CPF investments?


By: Leong Sze Hian

The Straits Times article “CPF Investment Scheme funds up 3.4% in 2nd quarter” stated that “taking an even longer view, CPFIS-included funds posted strong growth of 16.91 per cent on average for the three years to June 30, led by a gain of 17.97 per cent from unit trusts and 16.39 per cent from ILPs.”

The article further claimed: “Equities recorded growth of 20.04 per cent, while bond funds were up 8.91 per cent over the three years. By contrast, MSCI AC Asia ex-Japan Index rallied 29.02 per cent and Citigroup WGBI TR rose 7.17 per cent.”

Statistics disappeared after 11 years?

In this connection, I understand that for the first 11 years of the scheme which started in 1993 – annual statistics were published as to the percentage of CPFIS investors who had realised returns that did not beat the 2.5 per cent interest of the CPF Ordinary Account.

Funds’ performance?

What is the historical annualised return on the CPFIS funds since the inception of the scheme?

What about unrealised returns?

What about the statistics for the unrealised returns?

If we combine the realised and unrealised returns – what percentage of investors had returns that were not more then 2.5 per cent, since the inception of the scheme in 1993?

In this connection, do soverign wealth funds report just their realised returns, without their unrealised returns?

Piecemeal selective statistics?

Arguably, why do we seem to be getting piecemeal statistics, without the most important ones in order for us to make more meaningful comparisons, analysis and decisions?

As an analogy – if we invest periodically, sell some of our investments periodically – and you only tell us the returns of those that we have sold but not those that we are still keeping – how do we know whether overall we are making money or not?

And then you tell us the returns of “funds” for this year or the last three years only, without the returns in history – how do we make a meaningful comparison with our investments?


  1. Very likely nothing left after all the bad investments by Temasek/GIC….probably minimum age/sum will rise, some kind of new tax will be implemented….China investments gone bad but NOT reported how much is lost….

    • Total nonsense!
      Temasek is worth $275 billions, International experts estimated GIC is worth near $500 billions..
      CPF members account is worth over $300 billions, anyone fail to receive CPF yearly statement of account ? Your interest earned, your housing loan n others paid through CPF ..
      Your S$ strength in buying power compared to other currencies..

      Don’t talk cock,.
      Yearly welfare Budget of $78 billions do not fall from the sky..

    • Without doubt it already on the rise every year. Correct me if I’m wrong medisave now stand probably $55,000 and will be adjusted every year. Same as your retirement. CPF frequently make your retirement sum so juicy that you can withdraw $1,200/mth on retirement. Just look at it again is it possible in general.

  2. Same country, same government, same policies applied to all !

    Why 70% voted for them ?
    Unhappy people voted them ?

    You’re happier than the 70% ?

    You don’t need the 70% to put opposition parties into parliament ?

    You’re killing the future of the opposition parties..they can’t give you all the free free free..

    Your good friends can’t pay for your dinner Everyday..

    Think about it..

    • PK ang- i always said do not based on 2015 GE votes- because that GE is for Mr LKY not LHL. if you dare to see the next GE i want to say if it is still LHL heading the GE then let us see the votes results.

    • Yes, only Mr.LKY can beat Mr.LHL..
      Opposition parties ‘ supporters can only make use of the PAP seniors to compare with the new leadership..(I called that “cheap politics)

      You know why ?
      Opposition parties have nothing credible to compare, they can only cherry pick unavoidable policies trade off without alternative. Maybe you can tell us which opposition party is up to the standard of ruling party. Who are the credible leaders, can you named them ?

    • There is no true leadership in our opposition parties,
      People of integrity n commitment since after 1959..
      That why PAP won all GE..who is to be blamed, do you expect PAP to help the opposition parties to grow in strength ? Dream on !!

    • PK Ang As I’ve said at time people are of low education and are naive. However although with much improved education, our life has been make difficult that you have not much time for political understanding.

  3. remember this halimah group there is one ex NMP on wheelchair i dont even want to remember her name- she said CPF is not our Singaporeans money. So now she is in the group of Halimah. do you think Halimah is going to fight our CPF monies?

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