Hotel Boss managers allegedly have a history of rude customer service

The managers and staff of a hotel at 500 Jalan Sultan apparently have a history of poor customer service, according to social media reviews of the establishment.

The hotel, Hotel Boss – a 19-storey, 1500-room hotel that was opened in 2015 – came under fire recently after a Singaporean was met with an unapologetic racist remark when he was simply trying to do his job at the hotel:

“All of you so black how to recognise?” Hotel cafe manager tells off Singaporean Indian worker

It appears that the poor service the Singaporean experienced is nothing new. Several netizens have rated the hotel poorly on social media and have singled out the staff at the hotel for having poor customer service:

Some netizens also excoriated the poor customer service but it is unclear whether they experienced ruse service first hand or whether they are blasting the hotel staff for what happened to the Singaporean earlier this month, since these reviews were posted after his post began trending online: