Hotel Boss managers allegedly have a history of rude customer service


The managers and staff of a hotel at 500 Jalan Sultan apparently have a history of poor customer service, according to social media reviews of the establishment.

The hotel, Hotel Boss – a 19-storey, 1500-room hotel that was opened in 2015 – came under fire recently after a Singaporean was met with an unapologetic racist remark when he was simply trying to do his job at the hotel:

“All of you so black how to recognise?” Hotel cafe manager tells off Singaporean Indian worker

It appears that the poor service the Singaporean experienced is nothing new. Several netizens have rated the hotel poorly on social media and have singled out the staff at the hotel for having poor customer service:

Some netizens also excoriated the poor customer service but it is unclear whether they experienced ruse service first hand or whether they are blasting the hotel staff for what happened to the Singaporean earlier this month, since these reviews were posted after his post began trending online:


  1. This lady was rude. Without a doubt. She needs to be disciplined. Then suddenly this article say other managers/staff of the hotel is rude? I am a front office staff. Seen all kinds of customers. Want free breakfast, free upgrade. Bottom line, the hotel is not suited for everyone. I seen people saying hotel is not good, room small etc etc. Others say they like the room. Most of the time, they expect the rooms to be super huge and expect staff to just look at the entrance and say good morning to everyone that enters. So bottom line its a preference. Nothing wrong. Nothing right.

    • Yes. Its my job. And i always strive to give the best service. But end of the day, we can’t please everyone. And we service people have been yelled at and screamed at by customers, sometimes being insulted at even when we already tried our best. Oh wait. Part of our job too to be insulted and screamed at.

    • Well said!

      Most of us are in the service line. But, there are always people who like and dislike a service. It’s all in their head. Some will know their own grounds while others are just IMPOSSIBLE to please. Who in this world gets a 100% likes? ANSWER IS ZERO!

      Long story short: I don’t require the staff/stall owner to be in uniform, smile at me, greet me “good day”, serve me like a boss, give me a full-service presentation of what a service staff should do…etc When I’, Just Paying S$3 for a bowl noodle at a food court. My Expectation might be different When I Need To Pay S$10 for the same bowl of noodle at an F&B outlet with a better environment. Likewise, if I’m charged ONLY a 3-4 star hotel rate, I wouldn’t be SO DEMANDING that I should be served like a 5-6 star hotel guest.

      All of us know that there’s a type of people that NO ONE can make them happy. People just need to learn to be more appreciative towards a service staff. All of us are out to make a living to feed our families.

      Why go to the extend to break others’ rice bowl when we are also in the service industry? Don’t forget that what goes around comes around….just my 2 cents

    • Fadly Azad No one has the bloody rights to yell, shout, insult you or me. Personally, I had NEVER agreed that customers are always right. 99.9999999999999% are always wrong.

      Scenario: I joined terrorist uber after my personalized limo service business was being terrorized. I picked up a western SCUMBAG from Sentosa cove and heading to Mt. Elizabeth. That SCUMBAG is just too arrogant forgetting that it’s ONLY paying shit price.

      It hopped up my S$218k car and I drove off strictly following the road speed limit. It got very frustrated and told me that the speed limit is 50km/h and I told it to look at my meter. Then it asked me, why are other cars overtaking mine? I replied: I don’t know because I’m not them. And you should ask them instead of yelling at me. NEXT is that it doesn’t give you and fucking rights to yell at me. Respect should be mutual!

      Then it told me that it’s very sick and rushing to a medical appointment. I replied: You should call for an ambulance since you are so sick. Why are you so Selfish to spread your disease to me? It told me that I have got a bad attitude and I told it that its attitude isn’t anything better than mine. It got so angry and gave up on me. I continued driving within the road speed limit until we are on Lower Delta road.

      It started jumping again: HEY! Are you going to continue driving at 50km/p? I replied: Yes! Then it told me that it’s going to give me a 1 star and will make sure that that will be my last trip driving uber and I replied, 0 star is good for me, thank you. Please also send a feedback to Traffic police that I’m driving within the road speed limit, I need an award for safe driving, hehehe.

      I have to quarrel with 8 out of 10 uber SCUMBAGS daily and I decided to just surrender my car to the finance company. The reason is, a good car needs to have good clients to sustain in business. SCUMBAGS will ONLY RUIN my good car and will NEVER appreciate.

      That KILLED & Ended my personalized limo service from 1996 to 2015. I had been jobless since March 2015

  2. Frankly the story is one sided and from this guy whose writings seem very vindictive and every word planned to kill. His words try to play up emotions and tell irrelevant nationalistic stories like he served NS blah blah blah. I m doubtful of this guy! Btw what if the guy is an angmoh and the manager said, so white all look the same. Is this still consider a racist remark. Or less sensitive?

  3. We need to have a hospitality department where mystery guests visit hotels, restaurants and shops and rate the experience, maybe a winner in each category to a prestigious name and annual award ceremony. places must get a minimum no of genuine comments to be finalists.

  4. She should not be working in this industry when she has no social graces nor the right attitude required in the field of hospitality. Coutesy should be the basic essential qualification she needs to be equipped with but is sadly lacking in her. Definitely not suitable for any sort of frontline job.

  5. We shouldn’t be too surprised the staff are behaving this way, there’s a certain race of people who are generally very Gianpeng. And that particular race of people make up the bulk of the guests in that hotel…. My guess is that they are so sick and tired of their antics… They just can’t be bothered to serve them well.

  6. B4 i say anything….is this particular hotel under the Hotel Association of Singapore ?
    If the recent reviews r positive n true that related cafe manager should be reprimanded by the hotel mgmt.
    How did she got into this job in the first place
    Where’s her presence on social etiquette ?
    What kind of image hotel staff trying to project ?

  7. Most likely super over worked and under paid… but with such a name like “hotel boss”? Surely one would expect to be treated like one but instead the staff are “bossy” still safer at the regular chains of IHG budget hotels or even the IBis which is clean functional and friendly staff everywhere….

    Won’t ever refer anyone to stay at the “boss” hotel… more like a “day use” hotel…. (standard)….

  8. I guess the whole situation and the end result will be very different if she has a good family background. She could bribe a psychiatrist to prove that she’s in depression and doesn’t even know what she had said.

    Another PLUS advantage will be that she’s a follower of con hee. Win Win Win. EXECUTE the leader and followers will stop following!

  9. And she is a cafe Manager in Hotel Boss???????What sort of person does this Hotel employ? Especially in a Hotel Industry where there are all kinds of people of different colours & culture coming from various part of the world! She can’t recognize people because of color of skin??? And Hotel is a people oriented industry!!! This is Singapore dear..It seems like there are only Ang Moh guests staying in the hotel? Probably the only ones this discriminate can recognize