Lifestyle Arts Host Tyra Banks "problematic" on America's Next Top Model

Host Tyra Banks “problematic” on America’s Next Top Model

Viewers tweet a number of scandalous clips from the show that aired recently




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One of the most popular TV shows on air is America’s Next Top Model, which is hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks.

The show is a competition where models vie to be the next top model in the fashion world.

Since 2003, the show has drawn viewers fascinated by the glitz and glamour of the modelling industry. However, all is not rosy for the show as viewers have spotted things that are “problematic” with the show and Tyra Banks, according to on Tuesday (May 5).

On social media, viewers tweeted a number of scandalous clips from the show that aired recently. Banks was seen screaming at the models and asking them to go through bizarre changes. The viewers said she treated the models badly and without respect.

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In an incident in 2006, Banks asked contestant Danielle Evans to close her gap. Evans did not want to do it so Banks condemned her and told her she would not be successful if she did not close the gap.

Tyra Banks is the host of America’s Next Top Model. Picture: Instagram

Banks said to her that it was not marketable to have a Cover Girl contract with a gap in her mouth. A viewer had shared the clip on social media and asked why the episode was allowed to air. Banks was also criticised. Other viewers added their thoughts to the clip, saying that models like Slick Woods and Lauren Hutton were successful despite having gaps.

One person said the clip made her feel insecure about her own gap. When she was 11 years old, she had watched the episode and became obsessed about closing her own gap. However, she did not go through the procedure and she said that Banks was wrong about the gap.

Banks also allegedly treated Evans and other black contestants unfairly compared to white contestants.

In 2005, contestant Kahlen Rondot was asked to pose in a grave a few days after finding out that her friend had died. That episode drew criticism from viewers.

Another episode showed a contestant forced to pose with a male model after revealing she had been sexually assaulted when she was young. Another contestant was criticised for her heritage. There were instances where models were put in darker makeup to look like other races. /TISG

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