Health & Fitness Ho Ching says in an emergency even alcohol can be used to...

Ho Ching says in an emergency even alcohol can be used to sanitise hands against virus

"For really desperate moments, strong alcohol such as brandy, maotai or vodka could be used," said the PM's wife




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Singapore – CEO of Temasek Holdings, Ho Ching, shared some tips on how to protect oneself from the Wuhan nCoV epidemic using alternative disinfectants.
Ho Ching is known to use Facebook quite extensively, with over seven shares every three hours. She recently posted some insightful information on January 30, Thursday, that could serve as last-case-scenario protective measure against the spreading of the Wuhan virus.
The idea revolves around the use of other products with enough alcohol content to kill the virus.

Given that supplies of face masks, hand sanitisers and regular disinfectants are running low, other options could be considered.

“If we can’t get hand sanitisers, we can improvise with most mouthwash or antiseptic mouth wash especially those that contain chlorhexidine (these typically have pink colours),” Ho wrote. “You can also use rubbing alcohol to sanitise your hands,” she added.

For really desperate moments, strong alcohol such as brandy, maotai or vodka could be used, Ho suggested. Maotai, or Moutai, is a type of distilled spirit known as China’s “national liquor.” It is often given as a present VIP. guests.

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A 200ml bottle of maotai with 53 per cent alcohol content could be purchased online for as high as S$256.

“Most expensive disinfectant or hand sanitiser!” said Ho on her post.
She continued by explaining how to use the products:
If we are using these, rub thoroughly including the back of hand and between fingers, and let dry naturally.
Then, use a baby lotion or other moisturisers, to prevent the hand from getting too dry. Symptoms of excessive dryness are peeling skin or redness.
There are also antiseptic wet tissues – if these have become too dry, just pour some mouthwash or brandy.
“This Wuhan nCoV is like SARS – both are enveloped viruses – whose outer envelope gets destroyed by sunlight, heat, alcohol, and other mild disinfectants,” said Ho. At least a product with 40 per cent alcohol will do, she added.

Using mouthwash for its intended purpose

Going back on the topic of using mouthwash as antiseptics, another post was shared by a certain Peter Ong on Facebook, which focused on the importance of using the mouthwash to treat sore throats.
Having an itchy or sore throat is one of the earliest symptoms portrayed by those infected with the Wuhan virus.

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Posted by Peter Ong on Thursday, January 30, 2020

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