Ho Ching posts 7-month old story on China’s expansion across the causeway


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife posted a story about how China is building a city bigger than the size of Washington across the causeway in Malaysia, on her Facebook page today.

According to the weforum.org article, the $100 billion Chinese development called “Forest City” will be built on four Malaysian islands and will be able to accommodate 700,000 people: “That’s about 20,000 more than the current population of Washington, DC — and it will have a density greater than Manhattan.”

The story was published more than seven months ago on 17 May 2017.

Interestingly, Ho Ching’s post comes a day after Reuters flagged a Chinese government report that said the nation’s islands in the disputed South China Sea territory have expanded “reasonably.”

The Chinese government report further added that Chinese military patrols have increased in the region hotly contested by several Asian nations like Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and Taiwan.

This information follows the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative of Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies’ report earlier this year that says China has been installing high-frequency radar and other military facilities on its man-made islands in the disputed region while attention in Asia has been diverted by the North Korean nuclear crisis over the past year.

It is unclear whether Ho Ching’s Facebook post is an indication that prominent local figures like herself are concerned about China’s expansion. What do you think?

Posted by HO Ching on Monday, 25 December 2017


  1. Alamak… why China only?

    Malaysia also doing it … E.g. Forest City (The islands belong to Johor, their Sultan got 30% share in the project personally.)
    S’pore also … Jurong Island.

    Hahaha … and our VB still itchy mouth … the biggest agitator.

  2. Chinese investments in Johore are like Singapore’s investments in other countries. We term these commercial investments and any acquisition made even by state-owned enterprises are done on a strictly private and commercial basis. So what have we to complain about?

  3. We better be worried where all our Reserves n CPF went or lost, than to worry abt China’s developments and investments in M’sia ? A distraction to say the least ?

  4. All the best to Iskandar, once Johor is fully developed and more safe, many people would like to migrate there, SG too stressful and boring la, not much to do and much places to go when you’ve gone to them all. SG friendly to India, why China cannot friendly to Malaysia, tit-for-tat la haha.

  5. This is about economic power. Constructions of networks, buildings, utilities and facilities need manpower- where from?
    Cost – where will the money come from?? Funds from where??
    Who will supply the materials??
    Land grab is going on through investment, locals have no control over their heritage when it comes to power and greed.
    I think CPF is sunk in investment and reinvestment, each time the reinvestment gets more advanced and complicated more money is needed and only little can be released. If all is released who is going to fill the gap!

  6. I am 55 now and never lived to see one dollar benefiting from billions invested in China. Suzho, Dalian port, Tianjin Exo city blah blah blah. Sporeans don’t get one penny. Good enough if anything returns. I mean the actual.

    • If you look at the several banks in Europe and the US that we have invested and then divested at a great loss, you are glad that it is China, following growth and not an easy money market frenzy.

  7. What has China’s investment got to do with an electrical engineer ? Is she trying to say that Singaporeans will have employment problems in the near future or our PR from Malaysia will “balek kampong ” ?
    The right person to post this message is Li Sheng Wu who has a PHD in economics
    When Singapore enters into high automation with driverless buses and robots, then our ministers should implement universal basic income as more people will be jobless, especially senior citizens and those after age 40 !

    • One thing Singapore failed to do for decades is to promote Singaporeans to be their own employer. That way when robots start dominating the world, at least Singaporeans can start to look for things themselves that they can still do, maybe involving robots as well. But one thing must be present, more take home income meaning less tax, cheaper public housing etc.

    • Adeline, that old bag is nowhere competent for the position she holds. Rumour has it that she gets her way by solely pressuring others. That says much as well in her cmi approach in leadership. She is severely inept. And that is why she is never in the public where TH is concerned because under her watch, she naffed it all up.

  8. China is Singapore’s competitor in all arena. Full stop ! They learn about Suzhou and blab about their ability in Africa. They learn about PSA and badmouth us in Pakistan (aka Gwadar). Don’t put anymore tax payer, pension, reserve or TLC cash into China.



  10. The next potential prosperous country is Malaysia. With china and Japan investing in each seaport overtake and bypass Singapore . And all the high profile tech company like intel, Samsung, Sony start scrambling and investing in Malaysia to get a slice of cake. Singapore become redundant or footstool to Malaysia in many areas. Who can stop the beating?

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