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Ho Ching ‘likes’ former NMP Calvin Cheng’s post, in support of Singapore’s cyber-security division




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After the recent cyber-attack on SingHealth’s database, many Singaporeans have banded together defending the local cyber-security division, classifying it as “number one in the world”.

Amongst these people are former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng and Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings Ho Ching.

In two Facebook posts, Calvin defended Singapore’s cyber-security division, adding that even the “UN ranks Singapore number 1 in the world in cyber security”.

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Adding on Facebook yesterday that, “experts say only a nation-state has the ability to do hack our national systems. And only a handful – Russia, China, Israel, US – can do it. So it is like our SAF.”

Calvin Cheng then questioned, “We are one of the best regionally if not the world. But if China or Russia decides to attack us, how do you think we will fare?”

His post received 242 reactions – one of which was from Ho Ching herself – and 50 shares.

On Saturday, Calvin Cheng shared another Facebook post urging Singaporeans to “rally around our Government and support them if they decide to retaliate against the nation-state that launched this act of cyber-warfare against us”.

He also added that, “it was another nation-state that launched this attack. To put it bluntly, it was an act of war.

So it’s like another country just launched a missile at us, and instead of taking this threat against our country seriously and rally around the state, these people starts to attack our Government instead.”

Many Singaporeans agreed with Cheng, and said that the online community should stand together in times like these.



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