Highest approval rate for PR in the past 7 years


According to the latest population report, the approval rate for PR/new citizen was one of the highest in 2016. 22,102 got their citizenship, while 31,050 people were granted PR. This is an increase of 3.7 per cent from 2015.

The number of new citizens granted increased from 20,815 in 2015 to 22,102 in 2016. New citizens granted increased 6.2% in 2016?

What does that mean? Here’s a check at the 2015 report. Look at the words in the red rectangle. See the significant increase there?

And here’s a check at the reports between 2007 and 2014.  Number of PRs granted peaked in 2008 at 79,167 and the number of PRs granted from thereafter  has always hovered around the 29,000 mark.

In addition, the approval rate for PRs in 2016 is the highest in seven years. It is also the case for new citizen approval rate.

According to Leong Hze Hian, the number of PRs has continue to increase despite the poor economic outlook. In the two years from January 2015 to December 2016 – employment growth was 11,400 for locals and 37,300 for foreigners.

There seems to be a huge imbalance in the proportion of locals hired in the workforce and yet the government has opened the floodgates to foreign talent.

source: singaporestage


  1. LOL what a total shit reporting. Using old figures before WE FOUGHT THIS ISSUE AND WON to pretend that the issue still persist.

    This is why you lost the previous election. Because you keep recycling issues that were fought and won. The mythical white dragon has been slain. PRs acceptance were at an all time low after we won the fight. Empty HDB supply is way way way over the demand.

    We fought and won this issue. Don’t ruin our credibility like this any longer. Stick to REAL issues.

    Nobody is stealing your jobs anymore. Fucking China is going to crack down on our country economically and here’s more people trying to go nazi on all foreigners and won’t be happy until our country is doomed. You cunts are the same fucks who sided with China and validated their outright lies on SG insulting China just because you can use it for a dig at LHL.

    And now the PRCs who saw what you guys said are going around spreading that SG is up against China and getting more other PRCs to hate us.

    HAVE YOU FUCKING STUPID CUNTS NO CONCERN FOR WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO OUR PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE? Stop. Just stop pretending you people care for this country.

  2. The recalcitrant client prince n gang still not wake up ……….”continuing the Open leg policy ” !! Hope the day will not come that PAP kena an All FT-NCs opposition party challenging them for control of parliament!!!
    Cannot imagine imagine the mammoth FT-NCs Lobby that exist as a results of the years of unrestricted import via the very flawed “open leg policy ” , hope it will not happen but if it does ! Karma is a birch! …… …PAP will face their own evil device!!!! God help Singapore !!!

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