High praise for foreign workers who pushed stalled bus away from traffic at Lower Delta, getting it working again

Photo: Facebook / Zye Hensem

After a tour bus stalled along Lower Delta Road, it was a group of foreign workers and a soldier who immediately came together to help.

A Facebook user, Zye Hensem shared the video of the group not hesitating at all to help shift the bus away from traffic.

The incident happened along Lower Delta Road, at around 10am, and according to Zye, “I saw the helpless bus driver waving at a group of foreign workers who were doing some landscaping works at Mount Faber Road.

“One of the workers, whom I believe is the leader, saw it and called the rest to help.”

The video was also shared on Facebook page Fabrications About The PAP, where it received 1100 reactions, 230 shared and 18,000 views.

Many also pointed out that amongst the group that helped move the bus, only one was Singaporean, and that too a soldier. Others also urged Singaporeans to change their mindsets about foreign workers.