Heir to Red Bull fortune disappears from S’pore, abandons private jet: report


The heir to the Red Bull empire has gone missing, after reportedly having landed in Singapore in April, fleeing from the Thai authorities.

32-year old Worayuth Yoovidhya was reported to have fled Thailand for Singapore on 25 April, via his private jet, and landed at the Seletar Airport, according to news reports.

Mr Worayuth is believed to have stayed in Singapore for 2 days before disappearing, apparently abandoning his private jet here.

He is wanted by the authorities for a 2012 fatal hit-and-run incident which killed a police officer, when he allegedly crashed his Ferrari into the policeman on a motorcycle in Bangkok.

Mr Worayuth had fled the scene, dragging the officer’s body for several dozen metres with his car.

Last Friday, a warrant of arrest was issued against him.

Thai police had said that Interpol has been notified.

Senior police official, Apichat Suriboonya, who heads Thailand’s Interpol bureau, told the media, “Worayuth left Singapore on April 27. The private jet he arrived in is still there. We have no further details.”

He said his team is working with the Singapore police, which have confirmed the scion has left the country, to determine where Worayuth had gone.

While Singapore and Thailand do not have an extradition agreement, they have frequently cooperated in transnational cases.

In the meantime, Thai authorities are reported to be considering revoking Mr Worayuth’s passport, so that he will not be able to enter any other country.

“Having his passport revoked will pressure Worayuth to travel back to Thailand as no country would allow him to enter without it,” said senior police official Sarawut Detsri.

The fact that Mr Vorayuth is yet to be arrested, 5 years after the incident, has attracted criticism that the elite class there enjoy special treatment from the authorities.