Asia Malaysia He wants to be her sugar daddy but teen student goes to...

He wants to be her sugar daddy but teen student goes to police instead

The lecturer proposed RM500 a month payment to be his student's “sugar daddy”.




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A teenage student at a university in Malaysia went to the police to report a lecturer for sexual harassment after the latter offered to be her sugar daddy for Rm500 a month.

The sugar daddy lecturer arrested in June but later released. He offered to ‘hold her breasts’ as part of a ‘deal’ to be her ‘Sugar daddy’.

The suspect, who is in his 50s, is from a university in Dungun, Terengganu a state run by the Islamists from the Parti Islam se-Malaysia.

The lecturer locked his room door after calling the student in his office about 9am on June 23 and did not want to let her go despite her repeated requests.

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He then proposed RM500 a month payment to be her “sugar daddy”.

But apparently, the 19 year old teenage student was not into the game.

According to Malaysiakini which says it saw related documents, this meant sex and “other activities”, including holding her breasts.

The lecturer in a tertiary institution let her leave the room after she agreed to meet him the following day.

Police says the investigation is ongoing following accusations of sexual harassment laid out by the teenage student in her police report to the authorities after the incident.

The police subsequently arrested the lecturer on June 24.

The police chief told the news portal the papers will be sent to the deputy public prosecutor to see what they advise on the case.

The student says the lecturer allowed her to leave the room but asked her to take a photograph with him.

That is when he suddenly held her shoulders, pulled her towards him, and tried to kiss her on the lips, the student who managed to dodge his attack, said in her police report.

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