He did not look Chinese so Malaysian authorities took away his Chinese name bearing ID!

Indian man adopted by Chinese runs into trouble with the Malaysian authorities over his race. But we have a unique solution to this problem in Singapore - the community certificate to ascertain one's race.



In Malaysia, you must look Chinese to have a Chinese name and this is what an Indian man raised as a Chinese and having a Chinese name learned the hard way!

Suspicious authorities seized the Malaysian man’s identification card because he did not look Chinese and had a Chinese name.

Tang Woon Seng, 34, was adopted by a Chinese family after his biological parents could not care for him but ended up holding a temporary card after his real ID was seized by the National Registration Department (NRD).

Woon Seng said he facing difficulties over not having a MyKad.

He said the authorities thought he was using fake information – but an investigation found that an error was committed when his adoptive father registered his birth certificate, reported the New Straits Times (NST).

“My adoptive father listed me as a ‘biological child’ and did not know that it was wrong. “In fact, I did not have a problem when having my MyKad made at the National Registration Department (NRD) when I was 12 years old.

“Only when I wanted to marry did the problem arise. I was given a temporary identity card, which states that I am not a citizen.

It is the same department that handed the ID over to the man that seized the documents.

“I grew up as a Chinese, and did not even speak Tamil. Many wonder, when they find out about my Chinese name, why I have a dark skin tone.

“I do not feel frustrated or embarrassed, because the people in my hometown know my history. They know my father took me in and raised me 34 years ago,” he said when met by Harian Metro.

Woon Seng said problems began when he tried to obtain a marriage application, as he had planned to wed 16 years ago, said the unfortunate citizen who is now in limbo.


  1. Yes, it can only happen here. Where black also can become white. Only Whiter than White DETERagent can have that Ultimate Dishonorable Power!


  2. Regardless of one’s opinion about Halimah’s walkover, I can’t abide all these people commenting blindly when even a quick read would reveal that this incident is occuring in MALAYSIA.

  3. My ex-colleage is a Chinese but have an English name, adopted by a rich Caucasian. Adopted parents gave her good education.She speak dialects & chinese better than English. She is very proud of her English name. She never recognised herself as Chinese.Her Identity card race is Eurasian

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