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HDB homeowners suspect human culprit after finding ‘non-animal like’ feces and urine at their doorstep repeatedly




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A family living in a HDB unit have struggling with the aftermath of something or possibly someone defecating and urinating right outside their doorstep for three years. Reddit user u/ivatyw shared online:

“I live in a HDB flat. It’s been a problem for 3 years now. Outside our door, we irregularly but frequently receive animal blessings. Blessings that we rather not get.
“They used to be just wet. But this year, these beasts stepped it up a notch by depositing solid packages in front of our door. And it has been so bad, we cannot seem to ever get the slight smell erased; our door hinges have also begun rusting.
“Used to be cats. And we caught them in action before. But now, the packages are getting bigger. Now I could only wonder what kind of sicko would relieve himself/herself in front of our door. Because it doesn’t look like what a cat or dog can make.”

The redditor added that his family has made complaints to HDB and their town council and that AVA officials made patrols to the area but nothing came of it. He added that animal society authorities also did not follow up when they lodged complaints.

u/ivatyw lamented: “This was many months ago. But nothing has been done. And my family is really distressed by having to remove (by hand and toilet paper because we have ruined too many brooms and dustpans) the solids and liquids, and clean the corridor.”

He added that his family is planning on installing CCTV surveillance cameras but said that he is unsure who to send the footage to.

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Another redditor, u/testinf1233, suggested that he could paste the images from the surveillance footage in the lift. Revealing that someone kept defecating on his doorstep too, u/testinf1233 said that the culprit only stopped when he installed expensive CCTV cameras and shamed the perpetrator by publicly sharing the images.”

Curiously, u/testinf1233 revealed that the culprit in his case defecated outside his door because he thought the redditor’s family was making too much noise even though no one was home between 7am and 11pm.

The redditor added that the culprit even made a police complaint and that the police asked him to keep it down even after he showed proof that no one was home. But when u/testinf1233 reported the public defecation, the police allegedly did not do anything.

The netizen concluded: “When we caught him and report him. The cops told us they can’t do anything. Zzz. But placing picture in the lift = highly effective.”

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