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HDB flat owners trapped at home two days in a row by strangers who put locks on their gate

Even after the locks were cut on the first day, the family found themselves locked in again the next morning.




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A family living at a Housing Development Board (HDB) unit at Serangoon Central found themselves trapped in their home by strangers who put padlocks and bicycle locks on their gate not once, but two days in a row, after they returned home from vacation.

One occupant, Pra, told Stomp that her husband discovered that they were locked inside on Wednesday (8 Jan). The family contacted the police, who arrived and cut the bicycle locks, but were locked back in on Thursday (9 Jan) with more locks by strangers.

Pra said:¬†“My husband found two bicycle locks on our gate on Wednesday at about 2.30pm. We were locked inside and couldn’t get out. We called the police who came with tools to cut the locks.”

The family lodged a police complaint and contacted locksmiths to free them when they found padlocks not belonging to them locking them in again the next morning around 6.50am.

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Revealing that the incident has left her family feeling unsafe, Pra said: “Somebody must have done it at night or in the early hours of the morning. The police asked us if we had borrowed any money but we didn’t.

“We were actually overseas for almost a month and had only returned home on Jan 4. Four days later, this happened. We don’t feel safe.”

The police have said that they have classified the incidents as a case of mischief and that investigation is still ongoing. /TISG

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