Have Singaporeans lost trust in ESM Goh?

Photo: YouTube screengrab

As of late, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has been under the spotlight for some of his comments, and that has led to Singaporeans seeming to have lost trust in him.

During the Marine Parade National Day Dinner on Saturday, August 18, Mr Goh spoke about his diminishing role as the 4G leaders take over and said, “Thankfully, Singapore does not need a former PM to come to its rescue”.

He also added, “I cannot stop being concerned for my country’s future. It is an occupational habit of former Prime Ministers.”

Despite his valid and sentimental comments about the welfare of the country, netizens were very unhappy with ESM Goh.

ESM Goh faces huge backlash after saying “Ministers are not paid enough!”

Many also still seemed to be sore about ESM Goh’s comments about ministers not being paid enough, even though he clarified his comments saying, “Salaries is not our starting point in looking for Ministers”.

While ESM Goh has been with Singapore through its success all this while, some of his comments as of late have formed a negative impression in the minds of the people.

It seems as if the people have been criticizing ESM Goh just for the sake of, without accrediting any merit to his words.

It looks like he has lost the trust of the people after all.