Has Mahathir given Najib a reason to send him to jail?


Has former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad given Prime Minister Najib Razak a reason to send him to jail?

In a statement published widely on the internet, Mahathir is reported as saying: “It is well-known that criminal acts in the government do not constitute official secrets,” the former prime minister said on his blog today.

“In fact, it is the duty of everyone in the government or outside the government to report such crimes.”

According to the Malaysia Chronicle website, Mahathir has just told civil servants to stand up to Najib, saying criminal acts are not official secrets.


The former PM has also called on Apandi Ali to remove reports on 1MDB by Bank Negara, the anti-corruption agency (MACC) and the auditor-general from the Official Secrets Act.

The opposition party Bersatu chairman said Malaysia had taken no action on the matter despite arrests made of people in other countries for alleged involvement in illegal transactions related to the government’s sovereign wealth fund.

He also called on Apandi to prove that 1MDB did not lose any money.

“If really there has been no wrongdoing, then the attorney-general must show proof that the money is all there, safe and sound,” he said.

Apandi had cleared Najib of any offences pertaining to an alleged RM2.6 billion “donation” and another RM42 million from 1MDB subsidiary SRC International Sdn Bhd.

Malaysia Chronicle said Mahathir’s call to the civil servants is boiling up to a silent rebellion within the ‘administration’ at Putrajaya.


  1. Najis only dare to bully the political weak like Tony Pua. He dares not touch Mahathir because the Malays will rise up against him! That is also why Mahathir keep calling him “Thief” and he has no solution for that because the fact is he is a thief, anyway you look.

  2. Mahathir was not only called civil servants to stand up against Najib, but also Pekan voters to vote against Najib. When he does not like a person, this is his style of wicked character assassination which had become his culture. He had done it to too many people in the past, and what happen to his recent wish to repent. This is the month of Ramadhan and to Muslim we know the significant of this month. Is Mahathir going to break his wish again and make another U-turn? To “The Independent”, you just posted his wishes few days ago. Who is forgetful. The Malay?

  3. Yeo Fong Yong – who feed you with your perspection. Are you sure Malay will rise against UMNO and Najib? Are you sure Najib dare not touch Mahathir and only bully weak Tony Pua? Please go back to past statement made by Najib to Mahathir. Najib declared he was Bugis warrior and openly challenged Mahathir. Mahathir never declare his warror origin. Why? Malu ka mahu declare. Majority of Malay still support UMNO and Najib.

    • Mohd Said Latin- WHO feed you with your perspectives? Are you sure Malay will NOT rise against party Rasuah Umno and Mo1 Najib ??!! Just look at the rise of Bersatu !! One can get the answer !!! Mo1 can declared he is Bogus this and bigus that … to ANY thinking people, fact is truth that speak louder than his self grandiose declaration!!! Fact is billions Ringgit ” deposited ” into his personal account is more than sufficient to get him thrown into prisons !!! that was why he replaced the AG with his loyal Eunuch and that was why mo1 threw Muhyiddin and replaced with another Bugis !!! Only those that have been brainwadhed with false sense of loyalty to party rasuah umno would still accept such kind as their proud leader !!!

    • Pls stand only not enough Pls u people’s SUCK &LICK
      Than only the world nos how clever u people’s &country under BUGIS.REALLY LAUGH STOCK yr statement.

  4. I’m not touching on Rasuah. If we want to talk about this subject, it will be no end to it. because no one can claim BERSEH in politic. I was responding to Yeo Fong Yong remarks that (a) Malay will rise against Najib (b) Najib was bullying Tony Pua but dare not touch Mahathir. Lets keep our view within the premimeter for the sake of healthy discussion and not going overboard. My view to both remarks were already given and I’m not going to repeat them.

    If you (Joseph Soo) want to know the source of information, you can check the survey which was highlighted in social media recently. Historically, Malay is not known to rebel against the authority. Yeo Fong Yong statement can be considered as unfounded. I’m puzzled how Mahathir can sent Najib to jail when he has no power to do so. If he think he can win GE, I have my reservation simply because opposition still cannot find common ground amongst themselves. One example is PM issue. PKR wanted Anwar, but Mahathir said no way. Allocation of seat is another issue.

  5. Look like ex Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is the one that stand up from his grave if malaysia is going down….where is our LKY…

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