Has Corruption Taken Root?

Has Corruption Taken Root?



The events of 2017 were baffling, bizarre and outrageous – large sums of money, participation by thousands and decade long of graft has put Singapore in a bad light.

A group of five scamming a whopping $40M under Skillsfuture.  At a credit of $500 per person, we have a mind boggling 80,000 participants in the scam.

Benie Madoff, the greatest fraudster, sentenced to 150 years in prison, conned 24,000+ clients. Even the 24k victims of his ponzi scheme pales in comparison to the SkillsFuture scam.

Have we become one of the most corrupt nation on earth?

No, said CPIB:   Corruption in Singapore is at low Levels.  Singapore is widely recognised as a country with zero tolerance for corruption.

Surely, the scam at SkillsFuture calls into question another claim, the PIC Grant. IRAS should re-visit the claims, investigate suspicious activities and put in place sufficient safeguards.

Keppel O&M to paid US$422m (S$567m) in fines, 6 former employees involved, bribes span over 13 years.  The bribes US$55m, over 2001-2014, and the management was none the wiser?  This beckons the question of whether there was any corporate governance in place. Top this off, only a conditional warning was issued by CPIB.

Teh Cheng Wan and his sad end.  His farewell letter to LKY.  “I have been feeling very sad and depressed for the last two weeks.  I feel responsible for the occurrence of this unfortunate incident and I feel I should accept full responsibility.  As an honourable Oriental gentleman, I feel it is only right that I should pay the highest penalty for my mistake.  Two charges, $0.8 million.”

Other recent incidences of graft include:

January 11.  Former co-workers jailed for cheating Stat Boards Co-operative (Employees Co-operative Thrift & Loan Society) of $5.1m over 5 years.  Made use of more than 60 friends and relatives.

November 8.  Two former Keppel Club executives charged with selling fake membership, $37m, over 11 years, 4,461 charges.  Did any potential member raise the alarm?  Was the General Manager asleep for 11 years?   Husband and brother were charged –  colleagues were involved.

The government seems to be propagating a false narrative. Graft has gone up, yet the politicians are saying that everything is hunky dory. It seems so disingenuous.

Has money become the object of living?

Jarius L



    • corruption is definitely present

      using a simple illustration..

      if sone get a million dollar pay check and you get a $1000 monthly pay..
      one get a million dollar pay check is to avoid them being corrupted but you n the $1k pay check will have to be corrupted to get to get rich or closer to the million dollar pay check..

      es the million dollar pay check minister can impose system/process to arrest you if you are found corrupted.. or impose more law to stop you from any corruption act,

      but you, if continue to be obedient and follow rules, will continue to be poor and the financial gap with that minister will get even wider and wider

      now being a non elite, and limited jobs opportunities ? what option do you have ?

      many will be driven towards the corruption path

      just my thought

  1. It’s obvious. Look at Auditor General Report, lift failure, train returned to manufacturer to Kepple saga. I see so many healthy trees being chopped. Many digging and repair works again and again. God knows who is checking to ensure. Because this govt is suppressing and using intimidation , it zips up potential whistle blowers.

  2. It’s inevitable. When people start getting greedy with the money that comes with power, they would do whatever it takes to stay in power. That would usually mean breaking down mechanisms that are in place to discover and expose frauds. Also altering policies to prevent fair play so the incumbent can stay in power.

    When politicians are well paid and senior civil servants are hopeful of getting the lucrative job as a politician, they have no incentive to carry out their duties to uphold justice and challenge their superiors. This conflict of interest ensures that there’s a high personal price to pay for upholding justice, breeding a “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality.

    Our system is edging towards one where power is slipping away from us. There’ll be a day when Singaporeans realize that we have to vote for the opposition, but rogue leaders will ensure that by then we will not have a choice. It has already happened with the presidential election when our government felt their place were threatened with the emergence of Tan Cheng Bock. They have experimented changing the rules to their favor to stay in power.

    They offered some politically right arguments to justify the changes, albeit unconvincingly. The controversies that had surfaced in the episode are evidence which shows that the decision to change the rules was hastily done without much consideration. But it had to be done because time was not on their side.

    With the experience from the presidential election, our leaders would go into future elections with huge confidence knowing that they have the ability to do whatever they need to stay in power, because Singaporeans simply can’t do anything about it.

    Corruption is inevitable. It is perhaps already too late.

  3. ‘Has money become the object of living?’ Damn right it has and likely to get worst. Money no enuf.. it has become a national trait top-down from public servants to government-linked and private corporations! Fine job of governance! Ist world shameless money at all cost country.

  4. The fact that the Singapore actively prosecutes embezzelers, bribery cases and so many corruption cases actually underscores the strength of Singapore’s anti corruption stance. Look around…we’re surrounded by countries that don’t even investigate cases where govt leaders, their offspring and family embezzle billions (and the people are resigned to the fact), where police officers and govt officials expect handouts and gratuity to look the other way. How would you regard a country where you would be refused medical treatment if you don’t have insurance or enough to offer a red packet to the doctors if not corrupt? It’s easy enough to howl foul that GLCs are corrupt and all that but if you have no proof, you might as well be howling at the moon! Don’t be so easily swayed by the anti establishment garbage thats corrupting the net and don’t be too lazy to question all the sides of a story before before you throw your lot into either camp. It just encourages these shit stirrers who are gleefully laughing at how gullible you are!

  5. Under LKY it was strongly enforce but under LHL u can see more case close without mentioning the person involved! By the way PAP nepotism and cronyism practices is embedded into party SOPs and this also part of corruption practises if you ask me….

  6. I’m amused that people think you can do business in countries like Indonesia, China and Brazil without bribes.

    What matters is that it is not Singapore and it’s companies that are receiving bribes.

    So, if you’re driving in Malaysia and the police stops you and asks for ‘kopi lui’, using this logic, the drivers who relent are corrupt?

  7. This statement is a bullshit, written by stupid journalist who has never lived outside Singapore. Wait till you live in frontier countries in Africa or Centra Asia – corruption by the powerful on the rich and corruption by the lower rungs on the poor. Did any one collect money from our Hawkers to renew license ? Well they do in North Africa. Did any police ask you for lunch money ? Well they do in Central Asia. So don’t try to blanket statement on the intelligentsia who have lived and worked in many countries. Don’t try to bluff those who never lived and worked outside Singapore. Get the data ! Prove your statement ! Stupid !

  8. Human greed is a bottomless pit, once they have tasted blood they want more, this is universal regardless of the amount they are paid! Small salaries corrupt lesser amount big salaries corrupt more. Historical facts are there, the only difference – we are seeing it the open now and in higher frequency. Conclusion when you’re paid high it does not mean you are incorruptible

  9. Corruption is a given in any government despite any politician wants you to believe it isn’t so. And IMHO, I do believe that there have been hundreds of dirty & shady deals even under the civil service machinery. That’s how the stench of multimillion and multibillion dollar business works.