Halloween Horror Nights & Netflix Show ‘Stranger Things’


By: Obbana Rajah

Every year, Universal Studios Singapore participates in the blood-and-gore filled carnage that is Halloween.

Usually, inspiration is either taken from ghostly takes or from scary events that have happened. Last year’s theme, ‘Hex’, was an adaptation of the Seven Deadly Sins, where each attraction was designed to portray a specific sin.

Eight years into the yearly Halloween scare shows and this year, there will be a collaboration with popular Netflix original drama ‘Stranger Things’.

The attraction aims to feature iconic scenes from the show such as the infamous Upside Down woods and the Byers home. There are even talks of the Demagorgon monster from the show making appearances.

The show ‘Stranger Things’ has quite the following because of its very unconventional and extremely disturbing themes of horror. Some of their shows have even put scary spins on fleas, trypophobia (best not to google this), missing people, monsters and suicide.

Along with Universal Studios Singapore, the ‘Stranger Things’ will also be collaborating with Universal Studios Orlando, and people from both countries could not be more thrilled.

The Facebook post on the show has already received thousands of comments from excited fans.

Most have tagged all their friends to be notified of the post, much like Sonia Lourdes, who said to her pal, “Eshwin i won’t go. Just tagging to let you know how cool this is”.

Fan of the show Tracy Lai added, “Omg! Stranger things is so amazing! Love the drama series n watched it all on Netflix :))”.

However, as a Timothy C. Figueroa puts, “The scariest thing about this year’s HHN will be the line for this maze”!