Halimah Yacob still thinking if she should run in Presidential Election


Yahoo News Singapore quoting sources close to Madam Halimah Yacob, reported yesterday that the Speaker of Parliament has decided to run in this year’s Presidential Election. The online news site said that Madam Halimah “has communicated her decision to run in the September election to grassroots leaders and People’s Action Party (PAP) activists.”

According to the sources who spoke to Yahoo, the 62-year-old former union leader is sad to leave her constituency after having served there for just two years. Madam Halimah however denied the she has reached a decision on the contest. She told the news site that she was still thinking if she should.

Just a few weeks ago however, Madam Halimah confirmed that she was eyeing the Elected Presidency. Speaking after a community event in her Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC on 16 July, Madam Halimah said:

“I am thinking about it, of running for the presidency…The elected presidency is a very heavy responsibility and an important institution in Singapore, so it’s not something that one should take lightly… so it needs a bit of time to think. But I must say at this moment, I have a lot of duties I have to perform, as Speaker, as MP. These duties are also very dear and important to me.”

At the parliamentary debate on the Presidential Election (amendment) Bill in February, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Chan Chun Sing, accidentally referred to Madam Halimah as “Madam President” instead of “Madam Speaker”. Netizens who responded to Mr Chan’s slip then, wondered if it was a freudian one.

In his address, Mr Chan further confirmed that no by-election will be called if a minority candidate in a GRC resigned to contest the Presidential Election.

Mr Chan explained that the GRC system, which requires each team to include at least one member of a minority race, has been in place since 1988, and that it has two purposes. First to ensure enough minority members in Parliament and secondly, to ensure no political campaign on issues of race and religion.

He noted that there are 25 minority MPs out of 89 – “more than what you’d expect proportionately from adding up the percentage of Malays, Indians and other minorities”.

“Even if we have one less, that is 24 out of 89, which is 27 per cent of Parliament,” Mr Chan said.

In April of this year, it was reported that a People’s Action Party (PAP) member who was abruptly asked to step down as Grassroots Adviser in Aljunied GRC just weeks before the 2015 General Election (GE) has been helping Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Member of Parliament Halimah Yacob at her Meet-the-People Session (MPS) for more than a year.

The former Adviser of Kaki Bukit division in Aljunied GRC, Kahar Hassan, was dropped from the PAP team which went on to contest in the GE amidst rumours that he was “hardworking” but perhaps did not build up rapport with his residents.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock the former Presidential Election candidate who was a whisker away from winning the 2011 Election, said that if the Government fails to allay the people’s concerns regarding the Elected Presidency (EP) the next EP will always be tainted with the suspicion that the reserved elections of 2017 were introduced to prevent his candidacy.

The 5th Elected President of Singapore may be a ‘tainted’ President


    • Malu? It’s ok for a million dollar salary, she can just say the cabinet insist that she take the post as a puppet and she cannot refuse their goodwill, anyway people will soon forget.

  1. She think, He thought, Boss already confirm that this is a religion contest rather than a reserved racial seat as he claimed, let us welcome our next Indian President

  2. Immature and irresponsible in allowing others to dictate her ethnicity and next steps in her career. A blight of her father’s birth race. Terribly sad and emotionally numb woman.

  3. On the racial aspect, she does not qualify to contest in the upcoming Presidential Election to be held in September 2017. On being indecisive, forthcoming & being sincere, she is totally disqualified as a potential candidate! Ini macam, itu macam, belum tentu lagi! With such a mentality & wishy washy character, can she be Singapore’s next President? You tell me ?

  4. Dun leave then. An adult can’t make decisions on her own and need speak to the public?! How can we even count on her to make important decisions in the future ? Just stay whr u are now.

  5. Why? Hasn’t everything being arranged? Why still pretending? Just do what you’re being told! Stop playing with our fellow Singaporean!

  6. It is a stressful decision for her. She knows what the real purpose she is there for. That was also how TT felt and that is why he does not entertain a second term. It has nothing to do with the difficulty of the job of a President and who he represents (no question about this. It has to be all the people), it is how the post of the President is being used.

  7. “…still thinking if she should…” but feels sad for leaving her constituency just after serving for 2 yrs only….??
    Oh yeah,.she thinks only 70% of the people wouldn’t understand what she said….

  8. Can she overcome the temptation of fame, status and wealth when Chan Chun Sing address her as Madam President in parliament house ???
    From that video, the citizens of Singapore should know that we have a taichi wayang government as we, the citizens are deprived of our rights to choose our President !
    The only miracle to change is once in 5 years through our sovereign votes, therefore please treasure our votes, do not spoil them!
    In the previous elections, if the spoilt votes were given to Dr Tan Cheng Bock, then the others will be “Tan Cuckoo! ” (Wait long long)
    Let us believe in miracles!
    Certainly, we want justice and equality regardless of race language or religions!
    One who is not proud of her father will not be proud of her nation
    All of us have only one father called by God, who can be half Indian, half Malay, unless have two fathers sleeping with your mother

  9. Don’t think, no need to run. Forget it. Don’t make Singapore a laughing stock to the world. Curious of what the intentions of having a Malay President? Because can talk to our neighboring countries. Kawan, kawan?

  10. Very sad to see today electing as a President in Singapore all prearrange and wayang only. There’s no heart and sincerity for helping Singaporean at all.

  11. Thas why our Gov sucks before do anything never think if all this issue…they only think of money and their own interest. The Singaporean don care put one side. When come to GE than only they will start to remember all of you…

  12. It is morally wrong to run for pe with regards to her biological link n the division of muslim communities with her go ahead in pe.

    However, what choice she has as the direction come fm pmo. Refused means the end of political appointments with hugh loss of income. Very hard on her.

  13. Wayang sia. Dont have to la, HE already gv ë green light. Don’t tell me you’re nt drooling over the million dollars salary meh.. Easy money sia, just need to listen and follow instructions given.

  14. I really do not respect such person. Want to contest and even she already know the decision. Still want to act secretive. One who let her master control the game for her. What qualities does she have?

  15. 这年头笑话可真多,老猴婆也可当腫桶,其实是猴? 是猩猩还是人猿,鬼才知道,总之是朋友圈内好友就可以啦。

  16. No needs to think do much la, you already chosen by government , dun wayang here n there , you really a good Oscar actress , money in your pocket more important

  17. If she quite the position as a MP and if she loses her Presidential Election, then she will ended up like George YEO. But she can still work in other ministries lol!

  18. Wayang you are already chosen to be next President still want to wayang , I am neural to all parties, but can’t stand the lies create my gov.

  19. We the citizens would like to know if She is elected by votes or walkover, will she be another silent president like TT.
    We need a president not to be aligned to the govt but voice concern for the people like our late T.C.Ong

  20. soooo yaya papaya!!! bekin I buat dosa aje.. hantar post ini. tolong lah jangan jadi president kita. bukan darah melayu, TAPI nanti menang dengan tidak ada tandingan. KITA WARGA SINGAPURA TIDAK HABIS HABIS DI PERBODOHKAN GOV.

  21. I actually feel for her. Being in govt for so long, i am sure she doesn’t need the money. She is caught between a rock and a hard place. If it were a normal election, she may just win, being the PAP candidate. Now, being the president should she win takes on a whole new perspective. She will be scrutinized like no other.

    Those who say she wayang, perhaps next time when you disagree with your boss, I would like to see you stick it to them and walk away from your job too.


    • I agree with you Eric, she is under pressure to accept her boss’s directive! She knows the public opinion and the obvious play here. It’s not easy. But as you said, she is not in need of the money. Actually that makes walking away easier from your boss. Of course she has other loyalty pressures. But sometimes doing the wrong thing is a harder play into the future. Remember Yue Fei? Do the ‘right’ thing and die but maintain your honor? Yes she has major decisions to make and yes she will be judged. Also by herself. There are people who cosy up to the party for business and other gains. Humans want things and affiliation can provide. It’s not really a wrong right? All grey! But it’s still wayang!!!hahahha life is such!

  22. Just go and be a candidate la. Dun ‘act’ and ‘decide’ to go for it. It is a presidental role. Do it or not to do it like your ability fits to the task/maturity requirement of what is needed in a
    Elected President. This role is not a childplay

    Buey tahan all these deciding thing

  23. A very arrogant PAP. So confident that whatever they want they will get it. So Chan dare to address her as Madam president. This is not funny. Too cheeky idiots will dare to do it. On the other hand being president is not difficult. Just say YES with no questions asked. Big fat salary !!!

  24. Madam halimah..You are not original malay race…You are same as former masia leader mahadit..Whose dad is indian muslim and mum is local malay…You cannot address yourself is malay…Actually u are mixed indian and malay decent…Mixed blood muslim!!!!Becos would want to have chance to qualified to PE so throw away ur real race?!You are not malay race…muslim is religion not race!!!!Ur exactly race is mixed race!!!!

  25. Madam halimah..You are not original malay race…You are same as former masia leader mahadit..Whose dad is indian muslim and mum is local malay…You cannot address yourself is malay…Actually u are mixed indian and malay decent…Mixed blood muslim!!!!Becos would want to have chance to qualified to PE so throw away ur real race?!You are not malay race…muslim is religion not race!!!!Ur exactly race is mixed race!!!Halimah…better dont contest!!!!What a joke if she be president!!!I dont felt she is fix for these position!!!!Dont throw face…preparing to lost campiage!!!!Even elected..More jokes for u in future if u dare to sit the pm throne!!!You are not pure malay or pure indian at all!!!!Blood blood race…哈丽玛应该称自个儿是混血种!!!!印度及马来的混血儿!!!非纯正的印度及非马来种裔就对了,是混血裔!!!!

  26. What a joke u!!!halimah!!!!All have indian dad said they are indian although mixed chinese blood of chinese mother!!!U NO FELLOW DAD RACE AND SAID U ARE MALAY!!!PUI!!!SHAME U!!!Shame!!!!Becos would want to qualified to run PE can throw away her anchester race-Indian fellow father and say she is malay!!!Pui!!!!

  27. From all the events that has been happening since the last GE 2015 elections. I hope that the ENTIRE NATION now understands WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO have a substantial opposing representation in Parliament so that NO POLICY can be rammed down the citizen’s throats for the benefit of the ruling political party. I am sure that the government leaders HEARD the unhappiness and resentment of the man in the street everyday and are acutely aware of the undemocratic manner in which they are governing. They probably believe that come election year, the same tactic of giving out goodies to the citizens will smooth things over. I urge every Singaporean who loves our country to burn these few years in our memories and not forget what needs to be done come GE time. There MUST BE PROPER CHECK AND BALANCE TO CURB any party that is lulled into an attitude of high handedness and blatant arrogance. And for this coming PE election, DO NOT SPOIL YOUR VOTE, vote for anyone but the ruling party selection and SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE to the government that WE WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED and have OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS TRAMPLED UPON any further.

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